30 Jan 2020 | News & Features

BagiBagi Feature Makes Sharing Easier for You

Fitur BagiBagi Bikin Kamu Mudah Berbagi

Digital transactions are not only about consumptive transactions and savings. We are here to inform you that BCA launches its latest feature, BagiBagi! The new feature on BCA mobile makes sharing with friends easier. The BagiBagi feature gives you the opportunity to share special moments with family and friends.

The BagiBagi feature allows you to share money through the BCA mobile application with friends or family who have the Sakuku app. You can send a fixed or random amount of money. Fixed allows you to send an equally divided amount of money to a certain number of recipients. Meanwhile, random option allows you to make money transfers at random amounts. 

It is easy to do, simply log into BCA mobile, select the BagiBagi feature and specify the amount of money, starting from Rp10,000 until Rp10 million, with a total recipient starts from 1 to 99 recipients. They will receive a link containing a greeting card and the money you sent. Recipients have 24 hours to claim via Sakuku app. 

The BagiBagi feature can be used to share your special moments like Eid al Fitr, birthday, Chinese New Year or other special occasions with friends and family. Try it now! For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.