2023-08-03 | Awas Modus

Malware Alert!

Malware stands for ‘malicious software’ which means software created for malicious purposes. This software is designed to infiltrate, damage, disrupt, or steal data from a computer device or network without the owner’s permission or knowledge. Malware has a variety of purposes, from accessing sensitive information, stealing personal financial data, causing system damage, and so on.

Malware is usually installed on the device when you accidentally click on a link, open a file, or download an application from an unofficial source. Don’t click randomly and always be vigilant so you are not exposed to the malware threat. Well, let’s look at some tips that you need to consider:

First, do not access banking applications or websites using the free wifi to prevent irresponsible parties from having the opportunity to insert malware or conduct surveillance on your banking access.

Secondly, always download official applications and update software regularly. Do not download, install & access applications, movies, images, documents, and files from unofficial and pirated sites. These activities are prone to malware insertion.

Third, be careful in downloading unofficial browser plugins/extensions. These browser extensions actually help our productivity, from proofreading, to email notifications and many more. However, unauthorized plugins/extensions have been popping up lately, and they are dangerous because of malware inserted by irresponsible parties. Learn and check the reputation of the developer or publisher who created or uploaded the plugins/extensions.

Always maintain your data confidentiality on banking applications or websites on mobile phones, computers, or laptops by:

  • Never use a PIN/password combination that can easily be guessed and related to personal data.
  • Never use the same PIN/password in each application/website and change it regularly
  • Never share your username, password, or PIN with anyone
  • Never enable auto login, remember me, and autofill features
  • Never store usernames, passwords, or PINs in browsers and applications
  • Never install apps from an unofficial source
  • Never give permissions such as camera, location, or SMS to unknown applications

Last but not least, always be careful of individuals on behalf of BCA who are trying to scam you to steal your data. 

Always keep your device safe to avoid virus or malware attacks. In addition, never share sensitive banking data such as BCA ID, password, ATM card number, credit card information, PINs, and OTP code with anyone.