2023-07-07 | Awas Modus

Beware of Fake PDF File Scam

Lately, fraud modes through social media and chat applications have been on the rise, where messages sent contain APK files, but change type, becoming PDF files. Previously, APK file fraud was carried out in various ways, such as package courier mode, wedding invitations, electronic traffic payments, and many more.

For example, fraudsters pretend to be potential buyers and contact sellers via WhatsApp. The fraudsters pretend that they want to purchase some goods and list the items they want to order in the form of a PDF document. The file is then sent to lure the seller into clicking the file to successfully hack the account.

Actually, this fake PDF file is a manipulation carried out by fraudsters by changing the format of the malicious application-based APK file that can attack the device to steal data to drain the accounts of potential victims.

Be vigilant! Do not carelessly click on files, especially from unknown sources.

To avoid this fraud, check the following tips:

  1. APK files disguised as fake PDFs have no visible documents, while the original ones have visible documents sent to them.
  2. The pdf file logo should have a white logo with PDF in red font
  3. Fake files do not show document details such as the number of pages, or file type, and are usually large in size, while real PDF files have more details.

This type of crime seeks to take advantage of people’s unawareness and lack of knowledge of the types of .apk and .pdf files which makes the victim in doubt.

As a result, prospective victims are lured into opening the doctored PDF file and agreeing to the file’s access request. After that, the perpetrator can access all the information stored on the smartphone and steal important data from it.

If you are unsure about opening a PDF file, use a PDF file reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

Fraudsters are finding more and more ways to commit crimes, so we must be more careful about all existing fraud attempts.

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