2023-06-13 | Awas Modus

Back Again! Fictitious Property and Car Sales, Lease or Auction Scams

Selling/renting or auctioning is one way to get the property or car or you want. However, people sometimes use this activity to make profit.

They often pretend to be famous person/influential official, etc. and offer to auction/sell/rent a luxury car or house at a lucrative price, even though it is fictitious. This scheme is quite attractive to many victims. In fact, the scammer can immediately deceive many people in one action. Moreover, the victims may suffer losses ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah.

Characteristics of Fictitious Sale/Rental/Auction Fraud

To avoid becoming a victim, you need to know more about the schemes used by scammers. Find out more about the characteristics of fictitious sale/rent/auction fraud below.

1. Claiming to be an official/insider

Scammers begin their actions by announcing that there is a sale/lease/auction or a luxury car or home by government or private agencies. This information is spread to potential victims via WhatsApp. They will also attach fictitious websites and fake social media in their message.

To make victims believe, they will claim to be officials/insiders from the agencies below:

  • The Office of States Assets and Auction Services (KPKNL) Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN)
  • The Office of Customs and Excise
  • Car dealer/developer of auctioned housing
  • Banks from the credit division that serves confiscated goods
  • Local Police Office.

2. Lucrative Price

To make it even more attractive, the scammers offer extremely cheap prices to attract the potential victim. For auction, the starting bid is also set very low.

It is common for luxury goods to be sold for half the price. The scammer will also promise the victims to be able to win the auction at the promised price.

3. Sending Photos of Fictitious Documents

The scammer will also convince the victim by sending photos of fake documents, from house certificates to car BPKBs.

Not only that, it is common for the scammer to make fake auction documents when carrying out their actions. It’s no wonder that many victims have been fooled.

4. Actively contacting the victim and asking for a down payment

The scammer will continue to contact and seduce the victim, for example, regarding updates from the auction. This is done to convince the victim so that they are willing to entrust the auction to the perpetrator.

They will ask for an advance payment to the victim in a substantial amount. To convince the victim, the scammer will say that the money is used for a down payment or bribe to win the auction.

Tips to Avoid This Scam

Becoming more vigilant is the most effective way to avoid fraud. In addition, you can take the steps below to avoid fake sale/rent/auction scams.

1. Not Easily Tempted by Low Prices

Cheap luxury goods are attractive. However, you need to vigilant if the price is unreasonably low. Immediately walk away if you get such an offer.

2. Don’t Trust Those who Claim to Be Officials/Insiders/Old Friends

Be alert if someone claims to be an official/insider of an agency (e.g. Auction Center, Police Office, Customs, etc.) or even claims to be your old friend. Find out the truth, don’t quickly believe what he/she offers.

3. Find Out All Information about the Auction

You need to make sure the information is correct before entering into an auction. Find out the auction information on the website and social media. Furthermore, search for news about the auction.

Before registering for the auction, it’s also a good idea to find out all the items listed on the auction. Auctioned items usually come from confiscated goods seized by government agencies or financial companies. After that, make sure that the items exist and are included in the auction list.

4. Avoid Auctions Through Third Party

It’s better if you take part in the auction privately on a trusted official site, never get tempted to take advantage of auctions through third parties.

Register an account under your name and data, then bid during the auction. Also understand all the auction flow and make payments to official accounts, not accounts under individual names.

5. Report Any Suspicious Persons

Do not hesitate to report a crime if you have been offered a fictitious sale, rental, or auction. You can report to the authorities and the agency where the scammer assumed his identity.

If you are a victim of this type of fraud, immediately report it to Halo BCA at 1500888 or via the haloBCA app.

Undersstanding the characteristics of every crime will increase your vigilance. If you come across someone suspicious, you can decline their offers. Also, learn more about banking crimes at #AwasModus.