2023-04-14 | Awas Modus

Beware of Online Shop Fraud during Lebaran

Eid is a moment of happiness as well as a moment of great expenditure for many people, such as buying new clothes, shopping for various Lebaran needs, sending hampers, or spending for homecoming. At times like this, getting a THR/reward is extremely exciting, not to mention getting a THR from an online store. Unfortunately, some irresponsible people use fraud on behalf of well-known online shops to steal the victim’s money.

During Lebaran, many online shops offer THR promos. In most cases, they will give some cash as a THR gift to select customers. Fraudsters use the opportunity by pretending to be official customer care officers from well-known online shops. They usually do this over the phone or through chat on WhatsApp.

Fraudsters will inform the victim that he/she is the winner of a prize in the form of THR money. To obtain the cash, the victim was told that the prize disbursement can only be done through OneKlik or BCA mobile.

Chronology of Fraud on Behalf of Online Shop

  • The victim gets a call or WhatsApp chat from someone (scammer) purporting to be an official customer care officer of a well-known online shop.
  • The scammer informs the victim that he/she won a Lebaran THR prize with a specified number of points that can be cashed out.
  • On the pretext of registering OneKlik to an online shop app, the scammer asks for the victim’s ATM BCA number to be used as a gift transfer account.
  • The scammer directed the victim to activate OneKlik on BCA mobile by pressing the OneKlik registration notification that appeared on the victim’s mobile phone, logging in to BCA mobile by entering the access code, and completing OneKlik activation by entering the m-BCA PIN.

Later on, the victim realized that after checking the online shop application, it turned out that there were transactions unbeknownst to him/her.

Tips to Avoid Fraud on Behalf of Online Shop

Like a house, your banking data is the key to the security of your OneKlik/BCA mobile. This is why you should never give your banking data such as ATM card number, PIN, or OTP code to anyone, including people purporting to be official customer care officers of an online shop application.

Currently, OneKlik registration activation on online sites/applications is directed to the BCA mobile app to confirm account registration. So, if you did not register for OneKlik on the online app, and yet you receive an OneKlik activation notification on your mobile phone, you should be suspicious.

To reduce the risk of BCA OneKlik fraud, set the total daily transaction limit for OneKlik at all OneKlik online merchants/applications via BCA mobile:

  1. Select the m-Admin feature
  2. Select the “Atur OneKlik” menu
  3. Open the active account and select “Atur LImit” (maximum limit of Rp3 million per day)

If necessary, customers can also temporarily block/unblock or delete their active OneKlik accounts on BCA mobile. Simply open your BCA mobile and do the following:

  1. Select the m-Admin feature
  2. Select the “Atur OneKlik” menu
  3. Choose which account you want to temporarily block or delete.

The same goes for unblocking.

The most important thing to avoid online shop fraud is to keep your data confidential at all times. Do not fall prey to the scammers’ tricks.

If you are not sure where to report online shop fraud, you can directly contact Halo BCA at 1500888 or via the haloBCA app, which can be downloaded on the App Store or Play Store.