2022-12-21 | Awas Modus

Don’t Share KeyBCA Appli 1 & Appli 2 Response to Anyone

BCA internet banking users must be familiar with KeyBCA. KeyBCA is an authorization tool (known as a token) used by BCA internet banking users such as KlikBCA and myBCA. This token functions as an additional protection that generates Appli 1 and Appli 2 authorization codes  that vary for each transaction.

KeyBCA’s Appli 1 & 2 codes function to authorize financial transactions including fund transfers, purchases, and payment transactions. It means that this code is confidential that should not be shared with anyone by any means. Never share your KeyBCA Response code because if it falls into the wrong hands it can be used to carry out banking transactions without your knowledge to cause financial losses.

To avoid fraud, don’t get easily carried away or panic if you get information from someone who claims to be official.

Always ensure the authenticity of the contact or number if it claims to be from BCA. Here are the official BCA contacts:

  1. Halo BCA
    1500888 without any prefix such as 021, +62, etc.
  1. Bank BCA WhatsApp
    08111500998 with green badge next to the contact name, not in the profile picture.
  1. haloBCA app
    Easily connect with customer service directly from the official app

If someone asks for your KeyBCA Appli 1 & 2 codes, be on the lookout for fraud! Never share your banking data with anyone, such as:

  • KeyBCA Appli 1&2
  • ATM Card Number
  • PIN
  • OTP code
  • CVV/CVC code
  • Other personal data

BCA never requests confidential banking data from customers through any means, especially through suspicious links.

If in doubt, immediately contact the official HaloBCA contact or find various official information from BCA social media on Instagram @goodlifeBCA (blue badge/verified) or other BCA social media at bca.co.id/socialmedia.