2022-12-15 | Awas Modus

Beware! New Telegram Group Scam on Behalf of BCA

Fraud continues to be rampant using various ruses committed by the perpetrators. Therefore, we need to be vigilant in addressing this issue. Currently, there is a new MO in which fraud perpetrators using Telegram to launch their attack in the name of BCA.

As a BCA customer, don’t be fooled by this new ruse. Because, the fraud perpetrators will steal your banking information so that you can potentially lose the money you’ve been saving on your m-Banking.

What is the mode like? How to anticipate it? This article will thoroughly examine in detail to educate you so you don’t fall into the trap of this Telegram group-based fraud.

The Perpetrator Poses as an Official BCA Telegram Account

The first step taken by the perpetrator to find the victim is to send a link distributed via Telegram, and invited people to join the Bank BCA Telegram group.

When we click on the link, we will be directed to the “Bank BCA” Telegram group. The group looks legit to most people, because there is a blue badge (verified account) next to the Bank BCA name and it already has thousands of members.

Once you’re in the group, an automated message will appear containing information about an admin fee increase and invite you to live chat with the account.

If you send a chat to the account, the fraud perpetrator will send a link that directs to a fake website. The website will look similar to your BCA m-Banking account and ask you to fill in your details, including mobile phone number, ATM card number, m-banking PIN, and OTP code.

If your fill in these personal details, it can be sure that the perpetrator has gained access to your m-banking and drained all your money.

Security Tips Related to BCA Telegram Account Scam

It should be noted for all BCA customers that BCA does not have an account on the Telegram platform. Check all BCA’s official social media accounts at https://www.bca.co.id/socialmedia

So when you find a Telegram account on behalf of the Bank BCA, then it is certainly a fake account made by fraudsters.

On the other hand, Telegram does not have a verification program or a blue badge indicating that the account is official. Telegram only provides premium features, where users can add emojis next to their name, including a blue badge emoji.

This way, fraudsters can manipulate us by pretending to be an official account of an institution, in this case the official account of Bank BCA. Therefore, just ignore every chat from the “Bank BCA” Telegram account even if it has a blue badge. Moreover, clicking on random links can lead to personal data leakage.

It is better to report it immediately to Halo BCA at 1500888 or via the haloBCA app so that fraudulent accounts acting on behalf of BCA are immediately blocked and acted on. 

Don’t let your guard down against various scams that spread through the internet. Always check at www.bca.co.id/awasmodus to keep up-to-date about all types of fraud that can harm your data and how to anticipate them.

Do not forget to share these tips with your family and friends so that no one else becomes a victim of banking fraud.