2022-12-02 | Awas Modus

Beware of Fraud, Don’t Share Your KlikBCA Bisnis Personal Data

Banking fraud through phishing links is now increasingly diverse in its modus operandi. There are many ways fraudsters create fake links to fool their victims where they don’t realize the links are actually a phishing link.

One example is where the fraudsters try to trick the potential victims using fake links that appear to resemble KlikBCA Individu or KlikBCA Bisnis, fooling them who are not careful.

The chronology, usually the victim is contacted by someone pretending to be a Halo BCA officer. Then the attacker will psychologically manipulate the victim using pleasant or panic-inducing information. For example, informing that there have been suspicious transactions made on their accounts. This will induce panic because the victims think that they didn’t make those transactions.

Under the guise of keeping the victim’s accounts secure, the attacker further asks about all the accounts the victim has. And then sending a link that takes the victim to a landing page that resembles KlikBCA Bisnis and directs them to fill in their data on the fake ‘KlikBCA Bisnis’ page. Since the page looks legit, the victim do not feel suspicious and fill in all data such as User ID, Corporate ID, KeyBCA token Response, and other confidential banking data.

Victim will usually realize that it was a scam when the attacker asks for the OTP code or KeyBCA token response many times. Their account has been breached.

Security Tips

The following tips will help you avoid banking fraud like this.

  1. Be vigilant at all times if a fraudster contacts you, claiming to be from the Bank BCA. Check the sender’s number/account.
    • Halo BCA official number at 1500888 (without any prefix)
    • The Bank BCA WhatsApp number 0811-1500-998 (green badge)
    • Check BCA’s official social media accounts at bca.co.id/socialmedia
  2. Jangan cepat senang atau panik jika mendapatkan informasi. Always cross-check the truth through official BCA contacts.
    • Halo BCA KlikBCA Bisnis service 1500777 or
    • Halo BCA at 1500888 or
    • Via halo BCA app which can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store
  3. Stay on guard at all times, when a fraudster directs you to a suspicious link, asking for banking data such as;
    • ATM card numbers
    • PIN
    • OTP code
    • CVC/CVV code
    • User ID and Corporate ID
    • KeyBCA token/Appli 1-2 response
    • Expiry date of a Debit/Credit card

BCA will never ask for confidential banking data,  for any reason. Whether it’s to fill in a link, chat, especially in person.

For complete information regarding the latest fraud modes, open www.bca.co.id/awasmodus