2022-10-21 | Awas Modus

Beware of Fake Callers Asking for Banking Information

Today, there has been increasingly diverse fraud techniques out there. Fraudsters use various ruses to steal money from their victims. One example is phone scams with fake caller ID.

Fake caller is a scam mode that uses special apps to falsify caller ID display such as number and contact name on a fake phone call. This method is used by malicious parties to reap benefits. It then became a popular scam mode all across the globe. 

In the fake caller app, there are features to set fake names, fake numbers, fake images, characters, and so on. 

Phone scam is also rampant in Indonesia, one of which is on behalf of a leading bank, BCA. The scammer will pretend to be a customer service, marketing, or officer of Halo BCA who tries to harvest banking information from the targeted victim.

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Characteristics of Fake Caller

Fake callers usually use a similar method when carrying out their actions. That’s why it is normally easy to recognize their characteristics when you play close attention. Here are the common characteristics of fake callers.

  • Using a number similar to the official number. For example, Halo BCA 1500888 but begins with the area code 021, +62 or other prefixes.
  • Trying to induce panic (e.g. suspicious transactions), or bringing good news such as fantastic lottery prizes. It’s easy to get fooled when we are panic or excited.
  • Asking for confidential banking information such as ATM card number, PIN, OTP, password or sending a suspicious link to fill in the banking data.

What to Do When Getting a Call from Fake Caller?

Anyone can become the target if this scam. You just need to take preventive steps by taking the right actions. Here are some things you can do when you receive a call on behalf of BCA:

  • Pay attention to the incoming call. It is a fake Halo BCA if the number is 1500888 but starts with a prefix such as 021, +62 etc.
  • It is recommended not to save the official Halo BCA number on your smartphone, so you can recognize whether the incoming call is from the official Halo BCA number or not.
  • Do not panic and think clearly in ingesting the words thrown by the fake caller. Especially when making suspicious and questionable offers. Immediately end the call if you suspect fraud.
  • Make sure you maintain your confidential banking information. Remember, the bank never asks for confidential data such as ATM card number, PIN, CVV/CVC, card expiry date, OTP etc.
  • End the conversation as soon as possible and block the mobile phone number to prevent another call.

If you find any other suspicious activity in your account, immediately contact Halo BCA at 1500888 or WhatsApp the Bank BCA at 08111500998 or via the haloBCA app, which can be downloaded via Appstore and Playstore.

Always remind your family and loved ones to be more vigilant about fraudulent actions like this. Always maintain the confidentiality of your banking information to avoid fraud.