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Definition of Hackers And What to Watch Out for

A hacker is someone who is skilled in using computers, networks, or specific skills to solve technical problems related to computers/applications/programming languages. Actually, the term hacker doesn't always have a negative meaning. The term hacker is also used for people who are highly proficient in a technique or system, such as a growth hacker who is an expert in business development.

However, this time we will discuss hackers or attackers who do need to be cautious, especially in banking matters. In banking matters, hackers can threaten security when you use the internet. That's why you need to take some precautions to ensure the internet network is safe to use for transactions.

Hacker Tricks to Watch Out For

Some hackers are indeed professional technicians who are trained. However, there are also many hackers who are not very adept at attacking or endangering your activities on the internet.

Dangerous hackers are individuals who gain unauthorized access to internet devices or computer networks. Usually, they exploit network security vulnerabilities to gain such access. The weaknesses targeted by hackers are as follows:

  • Technical weaknesses: This is when a hacker exploits vulnerabilities in weak software to deliver malware or gain unauthorized access, such as attacking servers or banking networks to obtain user data.
  • Social weaknesses: This is the trick that most often deceives people by targeting vulnerabilities that typically appear by providing fake links for users to click on. If the fake link is clicked, the hacker will gain access to the person's account.

How to Protect Yourself from Hackers

To avoid falling victim to hacker crimes that can occur anytime, preventive actions can be taken, such as:

1. Pay attention to the security of your usernames, passwords, and PINs

When asked to create a username, password, or PIN, it's advisable to choose combinations that are not easily guessable. Who still uses a single password or PIN for all their accounts? Well, that is very risky for account security!

Yes, it is recommended to choose different combinations of passwords or PINs for account security. Using the same password for all accounts can be dangerous if someone manages to guess it. All accounts can be immediately accessed and even misused.

To be safer, change the combinations regularly. Learn how to create secure usernames, passwords, and PINs in here.

2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

Nowadays, various account accesses also require users to enable two-factor authentication (TFA). Usually, additional verification is required in addition to entering a password. The easiest method is to use one-time password (OTP) validation. So, if this feature is available for use, make sure to always enable it!

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3. Be cautious when opening information or messages

Currently, there are many messages or information that can be received on the internet or even through text messages (SMS). Have you ever received a link from an unknown number via WhatsApp? This is usually one of the most popular tricks to provide phishing links or malware.

If the recipient is deceived, the file unintentionally downloaded through that link can be dangerous. In the fake message, a sentence will be crafted to appear as if it is from an official account. However, be cautious if something seems suspicious. You can even contact customer service first, such as Halo BCA.

4. Avoid using internet connections indiscriminately

The use of internet connections should also be taken into consideration! Who frequently accesses free WiFi in public places? If you are one of them, be cautious because there are many possibilities of hackers attacking through internet networks. Use your own gadget's network for greater security

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5. Choose Gadgets with Good Built-in Security 

In addition to internet connections, there are now many gadgets that use advanced systems to protect account security. You can utilize the protection provided by the respective smartphone or laptop systems. For example, by enabling the lock screen and regularly updating the system. The easiest thing is to ensure you protect your personal banking data and access keys.

So, those are the things you need to know about hackers. Be wary of any form of banking scams. Always keep the confidentiality of your personal banking data such as ATM card number, PIN, OTP, CVV/CVC, and others. Always stay informed to stay safe at bca.co.id/awasmodus.