2022-09-06 | Awas Modus

Beware of Online Ojek Scams! Keep Your Data Confidential

The mode of banking fraud that targets bank personal data to illegally access a victim’s account are increasingly diverse.

One of them, fraudsters trick  victims by posing as customer care officers of an online motorbike taxi service (OJOL). This mode targets three types of victims:

  1. Online motorbike taxi users.
  2. People who order online food delivery
  3. Ojek drivers/online food delivery drivers.

The targeted data is personal bank data such as ATM card numbers, PINs, OTP codes, etc. to be used to illegally access the victim’s BCA account to drain their money.

Fraud Chronology

  • Potential victims are called by someone claiming to be from Customer Care of an online motorbike taxi/online food company.
  • Victims are told that they would:
    • Get many cashback promos/discounts/free shipping etc. (for OJOL/online food service users)
    • Get a 10% tax cut (for restaurant owners)
    • Get an upgrade to get more orders coming in (for OJOL drivers/online food service drivers)
  • The caller asks the potential victim to fill in the link sent by them for data verification reasons.
  • Victims fill in the data (ATM card number, PINs, OTP codes) on the link provided
  • The victim realized that he/she has fallen victim to fraud when his/her BCA mobile is no longer accessible and all of the money is gone.

So, what are the tips to avoid this type of scams? Take a look at them below.

Tips to avoid this fraud

  • Don’t be easily seduced by any sweet opportunities given by callers who claim to be an officer of an online OJOL/online food company.
  • Beware of fake links! Don’t click on links to fill in your bank data, even for data verification purposes.
  • BCA continuously reminds you about the confidentiality of personal bank data such as ATM card number, PINs, OTP codes. They must be kept confidential for any reason.
  • Like a house, personal bank data is the key to the house. To keep people from entering your house, never give the key away to anyone.

Those are the tips, hopefully you avoid this type of fraud.

Let’s find out how to be safe and stay alert on other bank fraud modes at  bca.co.id/awasmodus   #CariTahuBiarAman