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Beware of Fake Mobile Banking Transfer Receipts! Verify Them First!

There are many loopholes for fraudsters to conduct cybercrime in the banking and financial industry. One example is making a fake m-banking transfer receipts, such as those of BCA mobile, myBCA, and KlikBCA, to buy goods or transfer money. Usually, fraudsters will trick their victims by saying they had wired some money and sending a screenshot of the edited receipt so the victim believes the transfer of some money has been successful.

Besides, they may also argue that they had excess transfer money and ask for the difference to be refunded when, in fact, it was just another trick to steal money from victims.

Characteristics of fake m-banking transfer receipt:

  • Fonts are blurry and not uniform
  • Untidy writing layouts
  • The text color is either fading or different 

However, even if the font, layout, and text colors are neat, you must remain vigilant. They could be very sophisticated fraudsters. Always verify first. So, how to avoid fraud like this? Here are some precautions you can take.

Tips to Avoid Fake Transfer Receipt Scam

1. Don’t easily trust the BCA mobile transfer receipt 

When you receive a BCA mobile payment receipt or fund transfer receipts, don’t easily trust that you have received the money. Especially, if you feel something is odd or suspicious.

2. Verify the receipt by checking your bank statement

Please remember to always verify the receipt by checking your bank account statement. If you see an incoming transfer and added amount of money, it means the money transfer is authentic. You can use e-channel BCA mobile, myBCA, or KlikBCA to check incoming transactions. If there’s no record of the incoming transaction in the account statement, you should raise a follow-up question to the sender.

How to check bank statements on BCA mobile

  • Open BCA mobile, choose ‘m-BCA’ and enter ‘Kode Akses’

  • Choose menu ‘m-Info’, then choose ‘Mutasi Rekening’

  • Specify the period of account mutation you want to check, then enter ‘PIN m-BCA’

  • After that, the account mutation will appear. If there are incoming funds in the amount stated on the proof of transfer, then the proof of transfer is correct.

3. Report to Halo BCA and the authorities

If you are a victim of this fraud or require assistance to check balance or bank statements, please contact Halo BCA at 1500888 without prefix 021, +62, etc. for a follow-up.

That sums up the tips to avoid a fake transfer receipt scam. Always stay alert and careful when being presented with such a situation to help you avoid falling victim to the scam.

To learn more about banking fraud modes, find out to be safe at www.bca.co.id/awasmodus

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