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Remember Halo BCA Official Services, Don’t Get Fooled by Fraudsters

There has been a lot of buzz recently about fake phone numbers claiming to be Halo BCA. Fraudsters will make a fake call using phone numbers resembling the official Halo BCA hotline 1500888 but using prefixessuch as 021, +62, etc. 

This method is used to trick the bank customers into believing that the call came from BCA. Usually, fraudsters pretend to be a bank officer or a telemarketer and attempt to trick customers into providing sensitive personal financial information, which will later be used to steal money from customer accounts. For this reason, all customers must stay alert and never be off guard when receiving such calls.

For your information, BCA never asks for confidential personal information such as ATM card numbers, PINs, OTPs, KeyBCA responses, CVV/CVC, etc. Please ensure that the information you receive comes from BCA official accounts. If you come across any individuals trying to extract confidential personal details, they are certainly scammers committing cybercrime.

Getting to Know Halo BCA Services

Halo BCA is a service to help BCA customers resolve their banking problems. For example, when your debit or credit cards fall into the hands of others, you can immediately block the cards by contacting Halo BCA customer service at 1500888.

To contact Halo BCA, simply dial the numbers from your smartphone. You don’t need to add an area code, such as +62 or 021. Simply dial 1500888, make a call, and you will be in touch with the official Halo BCA service.

Please be especially mindful when contacted by BCA and make sure that it is from the official BCA numbers. We also advise you not to save the Halo BCA number so you can see the incoming call number. If you receive a fake call, please remain calm and don’t panic. End the call immediately and block the number.

Call Centre Services via haloBCA App

Another way to contactHalo BCA is via the haloBCA app. You can download the haloBCA app for free from the Play Store and App Store.

The app makes it easy for you to contact Halo BCA through all official BCA channels. You can make a call, chat, send email, or direct messages via Twitter. Simply use the VoIP Call facility to contact Halo BCA contact center using internet quota (toll free). You can use this facility anywhere, both domestically and abroad.

BCA Official Contact

Always remember the following BCA official contacts:

  1. Halo BCA Official Numbers -> 1500888
  2. Without any prefixes 021, +62, etc. Other than that is fake. Do not save Halo BCA number so you can clearly see the incoming call number.

  3. BCA Official WhatsApp Numbers -> 08111500998
  4. It comes with a green tick next to the contact number or name, not in the profile picture. If the number is different or doesn’t come with such a distinct feature, it is certain that the WhatsApp contact is fake.

That sums up all you need to know about HaloBCA official services. Please ensure to obtain information from BCA official accounts or contacts. Only contact BCA official numbers to file a complaint and always beware of fraudulent modes on behalf of BCA. 

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