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How to Detect and Prevent Fake Number Scams

Just like a wallet, a smartphone in this digital era has become an important thing we must bring everywhere we go. Communications between people now depend on a smartphone. There are many platforms, media, and apps for people to communicate and receive information. Unfortunately, sophisticated smartphones are also used by cyber criminals to develop apps to create fake numbers.

Fake phone numbers are usually used to conduct scams by impersonating an institution, organization, company, government staff, or even an old friend. This scam method is called fake caller. 

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Scammers would call their victims using a fake number and claim to be from an official party, and then request victims’ personal data. Careless victims would easily believe the call and got carried away by the conversation, so they will end up sharing their data.

It does not stop there. Callers with fake numbers will use your personal data to steal your financial assets. This is the dangerous thing about fake callers, your money and personal data can be instantly gone with only a single phone call.

Never share your personal data, such as card number, password, PIN, or financial data to anyone, via any medium, especially not to callers you don’t know personally.

To avoid being a victim of fake callers, there are applications you can use to track fake numbers. Using these apps means you are already a step ahead to avoid potential fake numbers.

But, if you are a customer of BCA, there is an easier and more reliable way to do it. Check out these tips below, you can recognize a fake Halo BCA contact numbers and report it by contacting Halo BCA’s official number.

How to Recognize Fake Halo BCA

If someone contacted you by phone/WhatsApp, make sure the number displayed is BCA’s official number. There are several characteristics you should pay attention to for better verifications.

  1. When you see an incoming call from “Halo BCA”, do not immediately pick it up because it might use a fake caller app. You should check the numbers first. It is recommended not to save Halo BCA number to your phone contact, so you can see the incoming number displayed clearly.
  2. Halo BCA official number is 1500888 without 021, +62, etc. If you see any number at the beginning, that is a fake number.
  3. BCA’s official WhatsApp number is 08111500998 with a green check mark. If you see different numbers, or without the green check mark, that is a fake WA number.

Immediately report it if you experience such a scam. Make sure to call the official call center or official social media accounts to report any scam. 

You can install haloBCA app to contact several Halo BCA official channels such as call, chat, email, and Twitter, available at the Playstore and App Store.

Share these tips to people around you to keep them safe from scams.

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