2021-08-16 | Awas Modus

Be Careful of Frauds Offering Admin Fee Waiver!

Lately, there are many frauds using admin fee waiver offers to customers, such as myBCA monthly admin fee, Welma, BCA mobile, transfers between banks, and many others.

Fraudsters usually call victims using the 021/+62-1500888 (or regular phone numbers) and claiming to be from Halo BCA. 

Fraudsters would inform myBCA/Welma/BCA mobile customers that BCA would charge a monthly admin fee, or victims must pay a certain amount of admin fee to get a waiver for transfers between banks.

If customers wanted to get an admin fee waiver, they would be asked to fill in an ‘admin fee waiver’ link to share their personal data via email or chat, or directly guided by the fraudsters. That is a phishing attempt!

The fraud characteristics:

Get to know these characteristics to prevent from getting tricked by such frauds.

  1. Fraudsters will reach out through fake Halo BCA channels (usually by phone).
  2. Fraudsters will get customers to be panicked using additional admin fee charge narratives.
  3. Fraudsters will offer fee waivers and send a link to fill in personal data.
  4. Fraudsters will ask you to share your personal data using the link 
  5. Or, Fraudsters will ask victims to send an SMS to waive the additional fee

Tips to avoid such frauds

Here are the tips to avoid admin fee waiver fraud.

  1. Do not respond to phone calls/WhatsApp messages/social media accounts imitating Halo BCA.
  2. No additional fees would be charged to myBCA, Welma, and haloBCA customers.
  3. Ask the validity of the information you received to 1500888 or BCA’s other official channels (ones with blue verified badges).
  4. Your data is your secret. Do not give your personal data to anyone.

To be safe from fake Halo BCA numbers/accounts/websites, download haloBCA app at App Store or Play Store.

Be careful of these modes of fraud. Be a smart generation to prevent these frauds through updates on www.bca.co.id/awasmodus.