2021-04-12 | Awas Modus

Protect Your Personal Data to Secure Your Mobile BCA

Beware of social engineering or psychological manipulation taking advantage of your complacency to share your personal banking data. Using your personal data, fraudsters can immediately do their crimes!

Typical methods of fraud

  • Fraudsters will actively contact prospective victims via phone calls, chats, or social media. They will lure you by impersonating bank employees or other official institutions to obtain the victims’ trust.
  • Fraudsters will spread fake website/online shops and offer online investment with tempting profits to trick their victims.
  • Recently, fraudsters posted advertisements on Google search engine. When we type in “Halo BCA”, fake Halo BCA website will pop up at the top of the page, with fake Halo BCA contact numbers and WhatsApp

Using these three methods, fraudsters have managed to obtain personal banking data from their victims. These data were then used by fraudsters to drain the victims’ bank accounts.

Recognize the signs

  • Fraudsters will lure victims with tempting prizes/investments
  • Fraudsters will be claiming they are from BCA or other official institutions
  • Fraudsters will use identical phone numbers as BCA, such as +621500888, 0211500888, etc.
  • Fraudsters will provide you with a website or link looks like a BCA website, but has a messy appearance.
  • Fraudsters will ask you to share or fill in your ATM/debit card number, PIN, OTP, and other personal data.

Tips to avoid frauds

  • On your guard when lured with tempting prizes or investment from someone who claims to be from BCA.
  • Protect your personal data such as ATM/debit card number, OTP code, etc. Never share them to anyone, not even to bank employees, because #DatamuRahasiamu.
  • Pay attention to phone numbers/chats/social media accounts reaching you. Do not get tricked by fake numbers/accounts.
  • Use BCA’s official e-channels to make transactions through mobile banking and internet banking, such as:
    1. BCA mobile available at PlayStore or AppStore
    2. KlikBCA you can access through https://www.klikbca.com/
  • Always remember these 5 (five) HaloBCA official communications channels.
    1. Halo BCA 1500888 (without prefix 021, +62 or others)
    2. WhatsApp Bank BCA 08111500998 (with a green check mark)
    3. Twitter at @HaloBCA (with a blue check mark)
    4. Email at halobca@bca.co.id
    5. Webchat Halo BCA at www.bca.co.id

Find more details on : https://www.bca.co.id/id/edukatips/channel-resmi-halo-bca

If you are being scammed, contact HaloBCA at 1500888 now to block your account.

Be a smart generation to avoid being scammed. Let’s find out about other scam methods at www.bca.co.id/awasmodus.