2020-11-17 | Awas Modus

3 (Three) Easy Ways to Avoid Fake Halo BCA Calls

Frauds impersonating bank employees are looming lately. We at Halo BCA can never get our heads around why do these fraudsters have hearts to scam people?

The fraud methods are varied, but with one single goal: to trick customers to share their banking data. Fraudsters often trick customers using unknown numbers. They also use fake caller numbers imitating a company’s official phone number hoping to build credibility with victims.

When victims answer the call, fraudsters would introduce themselves as Halo BCA customer care officers, and ask for your time to explain some important information, such as there was a suspicious transaction on your credit card/account/mobile banking.


When customers were told about the information above, they would often get surprised and panicked. Making them complacent and forgetting that bank employee, especially Halo BCA customer care, never ask for your banking personal data, such as Credit Card numbers and CVV numbers.

When you give them your personal data, these groups of fraudsters would try to strengthen their credibility.

With that personal data you gave, the fraudster’s partner would do the next step, namely making transactions in some portals with a certain amount of purchase.

When the transaction is done, you would be guided to check if there was any suspicious transaction on your credit card. Sometimes, you fail to check carefully, and instead, you would believe that these fraudsters have good intentions and will help you cancel the suspicious transaction.

With more established credibility, fraudsters then guide you to protect your other banking assets. That is when they ask you to give them your personal data, such as PIN, ATM card numbers, username and mobile banking PIN, OTP (one-time password) you received, and other personal data.

Unknowingly, fraudsters manage to access many of the victims’ banking products, such as mobile banking and drain them all.


If we look further, this type of fraud can be avoided by doing these three things;

First, do not answer any call from a suspicious number, even though it looks like coming from an official call centre. For example; Halo BCA’s customer care number is 1500888 with no prefix of +62, or 021. It is recommended that you do not save Halo BCA’s number on your phone so that the numbers for any incoming call would be clearly visible.

Second, if you answered the call and being told that there was a suspicious transaction on your credit card/account/mobile banking, stay calm and do not panic.

When they start to ask for your personal banking data, hang up the phone. Again, to remind you, banks never ask for your personal data, such as ATM PIN, ATM card numbers, mobile banking PIN, Credit Card CVV, OTP, and other personal data #DatamuRahasiamu!

Third, if you found suspicious transactions as explained above, especially those claiming to be from BCA, immediately call Halo BCA at 1500888, @HaloBCA on Twitter, email at halobca@bca.co.id, or BCA Bank official WhatsApp 08111500998. We are happy to follow up your report.

Last, but not least, let’s keep reminding our closest friends and people around us to not easily get tricked by fraudsters by doing the above 3 (three) things. That way, we are becoming the agent of change in making the Generasi Anti Modus.

Jakarta, 18 November.

Nathalya Wani Sabu,

Executive Vice President

  1. Bank Central Asia Tbk.