2020-11-18 | Awas Modus

Beware of Frauds by Online Stores! Know Their Characteristics.

There have been many online trade frauds, especially from online shops, that occur due to customers’ carelessness and the temptation of offers for branded goods with under-market prices. Some even offer a crazy amount of discounts.

With such low prices, customers usually make purchases without much thinking. They would end up regretting their decisions when their packages never arrive. The seller would disappear and cannot be contacted.

Let’s find out the characteristics of such fraud and how to avoid being scammed by fake online shops.

Characteristics of Fake Online Shops on IG or FB

By using social media, such as Instagram or Facebook where online shop scams often to happen, you must be suspicious when you see a super cheap price for items and stalk the suspicious online shop profile that sells them.

  1. Inactivated comment section. Check if you can comment on their profile. If it is locked, you should be suspicious because no online shops would deny good testimonials from customers!
  2. Fictitious Followers. Check if they are followed by fictitious/bot accounts. Compare the number of Followers and Likes or Comments for each post and see if they make sense. If the discrepancy is too far, something is definitely not right.
  3. Initiating personal chat and requesting down payment (DP), or even a full payment after they show a bogus “delivery receipt”.

Characteristics of Malicious Online Shops

Some fraudsters sell branded goods through famous online shops. Fraudsters usually sell branded goods, ANTAM’s golds, and many other, with incredibly cheap prices. The malicious online shop characteristics are:

  1. They do not have a STAR sign on the top left.
  2. They do not have positive reviews (4-star or more) from buyers.
  3. They often ask buyers to converse through personal chat. When that happens to you, turn your fraud radar on.
  4. They ask for a down payment or a full payment after showing a fake “delivery receipt” before the items are actually sent.

When you are tricked to transfer your money to fraudsters, they will be gone before you know it.

Important to Remember.

  • Do not get lured to buy branded goods/golds/foreign currencies with crazy cheap prices.
  • Do not make transactions outside a marketplace app and make transactions through personal chat or transfer any money to sellers before they send you the item.
  • Banks do not have the authority to revoke money that is already transferred.
  • Call Halo BCA at 1500888 if you have already got scammed.

Share this information to your friends and tell people around you to be careful in purchasing branded goods online. Protect your personal data because #DatamuRahasiamu.

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