2019-08-15 | Awas Modus

#AwasModus Do Not Share ATM Number and OTP Code to Anyone

Do you remember? The times when you often receive the “Lottery Text Message” offering.

Fraudsters would ask customers to transfer money to pay tax for the fictional gift they receive as the modus. Or the “SMS mama minta pulsa” scam drying out your phone credit. 

Today, technology has greatly advanced. Fraud models have also changed.

Fraudsters use text message, phone, WhatsApp chat or email to steal money from your bank account.

Many people use digital wallets today, allowing them to use their money without having to bring cash.

But, digital wallets, like bank accounts, have the possibility to be conceded by new fraud models.

Scams to Online Transport Users and Drivers

Lately, we heard fraud cases experienced by online transportation users and drivers.

Their digital wallet balance was drained as fraudsters lured them with prizes in a form of points, balance, and even cash bonuses.

They scammed the victims in a sophisticated way. Fraudsters would claim to be the online transport’s customer support agents or financial institutions using ‘call center’ phone numbers or ‘official text message’ number to obtain trust from the victims.

Online Shop Scams

We have also heard about this a lot. Several online shop sellers were almost scammed by fraudsters who pretended to be prospective customers.

The scam was using Whatsapp chat or other chat apps as a modus.

They sent chats to the online shop owners and acted like they wanted to pay through a cash transfer, and they asked for an ATM card number. Eventually, they asked for an OTP code.

Once you got caught on their trap, next thing you know is your money’s gone from your account!

How to deal with scammers?

Never respond to text messages or phone calls luring you with prizes, bonus, reward points, and many others. Their objective is to ask you to give them your ATM card number for them to misuse.

Also, they aim for your OTP code or disposable PIN, verification number, authentication code, etc., sent through text messages to your phone.

To make you share your OTP code, they will call it a ‘Promo Code’, ‘Bonus Code’, and other similar names to manipulate you.

The OTP code is the last barrier for your digital wallet or bank account. Once they obtain your ATM card number and OTP code, your money is gone.

BEAR IN MIND! Never share your ATM card number and OTP code to anyone, including bank employees, online transport customer support agents, or other institutions. #DatamuRahasiamu