2019-05-30 | Awas Modus

#AwasModus Skimming is Around You

Hello, BCA customers. Do you know there is a crime called skimming?

Skimming is an attempt to steal your debit or credit card information by copying information that is stored in your card’s magnetic stripe. A magnetic stripe is the big, black stripe on the back of your card. This magnetic stripe is where all information about the card is stored.

Here is how skimming works

Skimming is done using a skimming tool, usually called skimmer, that is attached to the card slot of an ATM machine. A skimmer is usually made similar to the ATM’s card slot, making it identical at first glance. When you enter a card into the ATM’s card slot and through the skimmer, it will record the card’s information. Then, the hidden spy camera installed by the perpetrator will record you entering your PIN number on the ATM’s keyboard.

Now, the perpetrator can immediately clone your ATM card using the data obtained through the skimmer using an empty card. The perpetrator can use the clone card on any ATM machine just like your ATM card, using the PIN number obtained from the spy camera.

Tips to prevent skimming

So, how can you avoid skimming from happening to you?

  1. Cover up your hand when entering your PIN
    Make it a habit to cover your hand when you enter your PIN number at an ATM machine. This will prevent the perpetrator to discover your PIN through a spy camera. You should also cover your hand when you enter your PIN on an EDC machine or other places.
  2. Check the ATM machine
    Always check the ATM machine before inserting your ATM card. If you see anything suspicious attached, it is better to not use that ATM machine and report it to HaloBCA at 1500888.
  3. Observe the ATM machine location
    Skimming perpetrators would usually target ATM machines that are located in isolated areas and not on tight watch. Thus, make sure the ATM you use is under the watch of a CCTV and is located in a safe area.
  4. Change your PIN periodically
    Prevent skimming by changing your PIN number periodically.
  5. Switch to chip-based card
    Skimming steals data from your card’s magnetic stripe, thus using chip-based card will protect you from skimming. A chip-based card is safer because data stored in the chip are encrypted and hard for the skimmer to read.

If you find any suspicious transaction in your account, BCA would advise you to switch your card or change your PIN.