2020-08-04 | Awas Modus

Beware of the Social Engineering Frauds to Credit Card Owners

According to Wikipedia, social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Generally, social engineering is done through phone calls or the internet.

Social engineering is one of the methods used by hackers to get information on their targets by digging information directly to credit card users or other parties who have confidential data.

This social engineering method is usually effective when applied to a more senior credit card user.

The main goal of this crime is for hackers to get the OTP (one-time password) code you received through SMS and CVV numbers (3 last digits on the back of a credit card) of the user.

Scammers usually do their business through phone calls and claiming to be BCA’s employees or officials. These social engineering methods often happen to customers in such forms:

  1. Suspicious transaction reports. Scammers would call card users and tell them there are an incredible amount of suspicious transactions on their credit cards, and offer them help to cancel the transactions by giving CVV numbers and OTP codes as requirements.
  2. Raffle prize winner. Scammers usually call credit card users and tell them they are winning a BCA’s Credit Card raffle program, and ask for their CVV numbers and OTP codes for admin purposes.
  3. Card limit increases offers. Scammers would call and promise credit card users an increase in their credit card limit, as long as victims give their CVV numbers and OTP code.

Some tips to remember

  • Watch out for Halo BCA’s fake numbers. The official number of Halo BCA is 1500888 with no prefix 021, +62 or anything.
  • Do not get tempted by the promises or be panicked about the threats made by the scammers through social engineering.
  • BCA never sends any links to process credit card blocking. Therefore, always maintain the confidentiality of your credit card data, such as your credit card number, PIN, card expiration date, CVV/CVC number, and OTP code.
  • Do not ever give your OTP code and credit card’s CVV to anyone, including those people claiming to be coming from BCA.
  • The official BCA channel to block credit cards are through:
    • BCA mobile application. Click here to know
    • Halo BCA application, or
    • Call Halo BCA at 1500888 to verify anything

Share this information to your loved ones to keep their personal data, especially OTP code and CVV, to themselves. #CariTahuBiarAman

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