2021-01-05 | Awas Modus

Beware of HaloBCA Fake Social Media Accounts

Hello BCA netizens, have you ever gotten any suspicious tweet from a social media account claiming to be Halo BCA?

Be careful, guys. Today, there are not only faked Halo BCA phone numbers, but fraudsters also try so hard to use fake Halo BCA fake social media accounts to get your personal banking data.

Below are examples of fake Halo BCA accounts.

Tips to Avoid Fake Halo BCA Accounts

To avoid the risk of being scammed, you must check the authenticity of Halo BCA accounts by checking the username and @handle of those accounts. Here are Halo BCA official accounts:

  • Username: Halo BCA
  • @handle: @haloBCA

Avoid imitative accounts impersonating real accounts like @haIoBCA (using a capital “i”), @halloBCA (using double “l” letters)

Halo BCA’s official account on Twitter is already verified, so you will see the blue badge beside the username as the verification sign as shown below.

Remember, Bank BCA never asks for your personal data. Protect your personal data at all costs, such as ATM card numbers, OTP code, ID user, PIN, credit card’s CVV number, and other banking data - do not give them to anyone. #DatamuRahasiamu

Always recheck any information you receive to avoid fraud by irresponsible parties claiming to be BCA Bank.

Report all fake suspicious requests via phone calls, letters, or in-person that ask for your personal data through Halo BCA at 1500888 or @HaloBCA official Twitter account. #DatamuRahasiamu