2020-06-21 | Awas Modus

Beware of Direct Payment Outside Online Transportation App

With online platforms on the rise, frauds using psychological manipulation have increased, namely frauds that take advantage of our carelessness by using expertise in using words to gain our trust. This method is also called social engineering.

This kind of fraud uses different methods, but it is very close to our daily life. One of them is a scam that takes advantage of careless online transportation users like when someone is ordering food via GoFood. Let’s see how this scam works!

  • The scammer would pretend to be an online transportation driver, who then asks you to transfer money outside the app with the reason that he is short on money or so that he can make payment directly to Gojek’s business partner (restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, etc.)
  • The user will be asked to transfer money to a virtual account with a certain code prefix before entering the total amount, the reason is so that the money will be directly deposited into the business partner’s account.

You should know that when you pay using the official payment methods (such as Gopay or PayLater in Gojek), your money will be directly received by Gojek’s business partner. Gojek never issues other payment features beyond these official methods to make transactions using Gojek app. This is also the case with other online transportation providers. Always use official payment methods issued by the app.

To avoid this scam, you should pay attention to the following tips for secure online transactions. Be smart and avoid those psychological manipulators.

Tips for Secure Transactions in Using Online Transportation 

  • Make sure that you use a PIN for your online transportation app to protect all of your transactions.
  • Don’t easily believe scammers who pretend to be an online transport driver and say that their app is having some troubles.
  • Don’t make payment outside the official payment method (such as GoPay or PayLater in Gojek).
  • Always check the amount you transferred with the incoming fund and recipient account.
  • Select the most secure top up method, namely using BCA mobile/transfer to Virtual Account or OneKlik.
  • Always protect your personal data, such as PIN, OTP code, Debit/Credit Card Number. No one, even BCA, Gojek, or other apps, will ask about your personal data.
  • Don’t easily believe strangers who offer you assistance or solutions to make a transaction.
  • If you met anyone suspicious, report it to the relevant contact center.
  • Always remember the JAGA principle to avoid being scammed.

J = Jangan transfer di luar aplikasi (Pay online on app)
A = Amankan data pribadi, termasuk jangan berikan OTP (Protect your personal data, don’t share OTP to anyone)
G = Gunakan PIN (Use PIN)
A = Adukan bila ada telepon mencurigakan (Report any suspicious call)