2020-05-25 | Awas Modus

#AwasModus The ATM Card Exchange Scam

Did you know your ATM card may unknowingly get into the hands of others who exploit your carelessness when you are having difficulties at the ATM machine?

Scams using the exchanging ATM cards methods are often found nowadays. Some do it alone, while some do it in groups and are carefully planned.

How ATM cards exchange may happen to you

The most common modus is the perpetrator to manipulate the ATM machine so your ATM card will experience difficulty in making transactions. The perpetrator will linger around the area or pretend to be a customers to monitor you.

If you start to look panicked due to the problematic ATM machine, the perpetrator will make use of the situation to offer help. The perpetrator will try to distract you and exchange his/her ATM card with a similar one. Therefore, PIN entered by you will be invalid, and if repeated several times, s/he will take a look at the PIN. Using the victim’s ATM card, the perpetrator will easily make transactions and withdraw the victim's money.

And your money is gone.

Tips to prevent your ATM card being exchanged

What to do when you are in this situation?

  1. Don’t panic and always check your surrounding 
    When the ATM machine does not function properly, keep calm, don’t panic, and check the ATM machine for any suspicious thing. Don’t continue your transaction.
  2. Don’t accept help from strangers 
    You should be wary of strangers trying to help, because they may have ill intention to break into your account. You have to observe their behavior while they are helping you.
  3. Don’t give your ATM card to anyone 
    If there are other people offering to help and ask you to give your ATM card, do not do it! To avoid scam, it is better to cancel your transaction and use another machine.
  4. Cover your PIN 
    Protect your PIN by making it a habit to cover your hands when you enter your PIN to prevent the perpetrator from knowing your ATM PIN.
  5. Do not leave the ATM before ensuring your ATM card is safe

If you feel your ATM card is having issues, contact Halo BCA 1500888. We will help you get information on your card status, and you can also block your card using mobile BCA and myBCA to prevent it being used by other people.

So, you should always be cautious, especially when a stranger suddenly approaches you to help use a malfunctioned ATM.

Be smart! Always keep your PIN confidential, do not let your ATM card get into another person’s hand.