15 May 2024 | Edukatips

Location Access Request on BCA mobile

To enhance user convenience and security when using BCA mobile, access to the device’s location is required on the customer’s smartphone. This location access will only be used when the customer performs certain activities on BCA mobile. This location access request feature will be implemented in June 2024.

When Will the Location Access Request Appear? 

The location access permission request on BCA mobile will appear when:

  • activating BCA mobile phone for the first time,
  • reinstalling BCA mobile, 
  • changing mobile phones and downloading BCA mobile, 
  • re-verifying BCA mobile, 
  • opening an account, and 
  • logging in to BCA mobile.

Steps to Request Location Access on BCA mobile 

  1. Open the BCA mobile app and select the m-BCA menu
  2. A prompt requesting permission to access to location will appear. Click “Allow” to grant permission to access the location.
  3. After granting permission, an option for location access permission will appear.
  4. If your GPS is not active, a notification will prompt you to activate location permissions in the mobile phone settings section.

We hope that this brief tutorial on how to request location access ensures a more seamless experience while using BCA mobile.