02 May 2024 | Edukatips

Join Gebyar Hadiah BCA Program & Win Attractive Prizes

The Gebyar Hadiah BCA program is a program that rewards BCA customers, particularly those who have Tahapan BCA, Tahapan Gold BCA, and Tahapan Xpresi BCA accounts.

The program offers an opportunity to win various attractive prizes by collecting points through various banking activities. The chance to win prizes increases with greater transaction activity.

The Gebyar Hadiah BCA program runs from 1 May to 31 August 2024. Points earned during this period will be accumulated and announced through the issuance of sweepstakes coupons in September 2024. The prize drawing will be held in the same month.

How to Earn Gebyar Hadiah BCA Points

Here are the different types of banking activities or transactions that can be done to earn Gebyar Points:

1. Average Savings Balance

  • Average Monthly Balance, for every multiple of Rp1 million monthly average balance, customers will earn Gebyar Points.
  • Average Balance Increase, for every additional monthly average balance of at least Rp500,000 compared to the previous month, customers will receive additional Gebyar Points.

2. Daily Transactions

  • QRIS Payments, for every transaction using QRIS on myBCA or BCA mobile, with a minimum value of Rp100,000, customers will earn Gebyar Points.
  • Payment with Debit BCA, for every transaction, customers will earn Gebyar Points.
  • Bill Payments and Voucher Purchases, transactions through the Pay & Top Up feature on myBCA, and BCA mobile’s m-Payment or m-Commerce features will earn Gebyar Points.
  • Transfer to BCA Virtual Account via myBCA or BCA mobile, every transaction except e-wallet top-ups or interbank virtual account transfers will earn Gebyar Points.

Transactions made using myBCA will earn double (2 times) the points, creating a greater opportunity to collect more points.

For full information on the point collection, please refer to the following page.

How to Check Point Collection for the Gebyar Hadiah BCA Program

Effective from June 2024, to check the Gebyar Points you have collected are as follows:

Check via myBCA

  1. Log in to myBCA
  2. Click on the Gebyar Hadiah BCA banner
  3. The point accumulation information will appear on the top left of the screen

Check via BCA mobile

  1. Log in to BCA mobile
  2. Click on the Gebyar Hadiah BCA banner
  3. The point accumulation information will appear on the top left of the screen

Please be advised that there are various fraudulent activities associated with the Gebyar Hadiah BCA program. Kindly refer to the following page for relevant information.

Collect as many Gebyar Points as possible to increase your chance of winning various attractive prizes and the Grand Prize!