21 Mar 2024 | Edukatips

6 Tips for Choosing a Great Vacation Spot

When it comes to holidays, we all have our favorite places to go.

Some like culinary spots, natural attractions, visiting historical places, or attending festivals. Choosing a holiday spot requires careful consideration to ensure an exciting and comfortable holiday.

Before you head off on your holiday, try to do some in-depth research for each tourist location you want to visit. Here are the important things to plan before going on holiday:

1. Suitable location

Choosing a holiday location may depend on the time you have. If it is a long holiday, then you can choose a distant location such as out of town or even abroad. However, if you prefer a short holiday, opting for a location close by is the right choice.

To help you choose a holiday location that is close by, do some research first. Choose a recommended tourist spot and check the distance. Search for tourist attractions you want to visit using the Lifestyle di BCA mobile.

In the Indonesian Tourism menu in the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile, it is easier to choose suitable tourist destinations in an easy and informative way.

2. Choose a Private or Group Holiday

Not everyone is suited to group holidays or joining a tour group with a predetermined schedule. Being a solo traveler or going on a private holiday offers the advantage of having the freedom to choose the location and time for each destination.

This allows you to use your time to explore more, without having to worry about the limited time provided by the tour agency.

Planning a private holiday with your family might be a bit of a hassle as you have to make all the accommodations yourself. However, it is more enjoyable once the holiday is over as the feeling of accomplishment is palpable.

3. Adapt to the Weather

When choosing a natural attraction or outdoor holiday, be sure to check the season and weather forecast.

Especially if going on holiday to a country with different seasons from Indonesia. Adjusting to the season and weather is important to help you prepare for a better holiday experience.

Once you are clear about the weather and season, you will have a more enjoyable holiday ahead without worrying about poor preparation.

4. Choose Educational Tourist Attractions

Try not to choose tourist attractions that only offer fun. Tourist attractions such as museums or historical places can also be a recommendation.

Many museums or historical places at tourist sites will provide a unique and equally enjoyable holiday experience. Especially now that it is easy to buy admission tickets online.

In the Attraction Ticket menu on BCA mobile’s Lifestyle feature, you can find various interesting attraction tickets to must-visit museums, exhibitions, and educational tourist attractions!

5. Book All Accommodation in Advance

Last but not least, it is important to arrange your accommodation in advance.

For example, arranging transport tickets to get there as well as accommodation if you plan to stay overnight. Make sure you have booked your accommodation at least seven days before departure.

For easier booking, use the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile. You can book flight tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings, and so on.

Enjoy the many benefits of utilizing the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile. Let’s try it now!