14 Mar 2024 | Edukatips

To-Do Tips after Opening a BCA Account Online

You can open a BCA account online via myBCA or BCA mobile. Once the process is complete, your account is available for banking transactions.

However, while your new account is already active, there are a few things you need to do first to make your transactions smoother and more convenient. Check out the tips below:

Tips After Opening an Account on myBCA and BCA mobile

Do the following tips below after opening a new account on myBCA and BCA mobile.

1. Make an Initial Deposit

To make an active account usable, make an initial deposit into the account. This will increase the balance in the account and allow it to be used for transactions. 

Initial deposits can be made in various ways, such as through the nearest Deposit-Withdraw BCA ATMs. To make a cash deposit to a new account without an ATM card, use the cardless feature available on myBCA and BCA mobile, then select Cardless Transactions on the ATM start menu. Besides cash deposits, you can also make cash withdrawals through ATM BCA by using the cardless feature.

Initial deposits can also be made through transfers between BCA accounts or between other banks. Alternatively, you can also make it through the teller at the nearest BCA branch.

2. Make Contactless Transactions

For those without an ATM card, payments can still be made using the QRIS feature, be it from myBCA or BCA mobile. 

Simply open the myBCA or BCA mobile app and select the QRIS feature. Scan the QRIS provided by the merchant and then settle the payment by entering your PIN.

3. Fund Transfer

Fund transfers can be made between BCA accounts or to other banks in real-time. In addition, myBCA and BCA mobile can also be used to make Virtual Account transfers. Virtual Account (VA) accounts are usually used for many purposes, such as paying online shopping, topping up e-wallet, etc.

The myBCA and BCA mobile apps also have a feature where you can save beneficiary accounts. It will make it easier should you wish to transfer to the same account in the future without having to re-enter the account number.

4. Pay Bills

You can make bill payments such as credit card bills, electricity bills, telephone bills, postpaid bills, PDAM, BPJS Kesehatan, motor vehicle tax, internet, and insurance through myBCA and BCA mobile. 

For myBCA app, bill payments are on the Payment & Top Up menu. Meanwhile, BCA mobile uses the m-Payment menu to make bill payments.

Those are some tips to make your transactions more convenient after opening an account via myBCA or BCA mobile. Enjoy the ease of transactions simply at your fingertips!