20 Feb 2024 | Edukatips

myBCA Instant Access for Easier Flazz and QRIS Transactions

Transactions with Flazz or QRIS made faster and easier with the Instant Access feature on myBCA. Come on, find out more about the Instant Access feature!

What is Instant Access?

As the name suggests, Instant Access is a feature that allows you to use the app directly from the landing screen with no login required and serves as a shortcut to enter certain feature menus. 

If you want to make a transaction, you will still need verification by entering a PIN. This ensures the transaction security from the myBCA app and cannot be used by any other person.

myBCA Instant Access Feature

Now you can find the myBCA Instant Access feature on the landing screen as an icon at the bottom of the login button. Here are some features that can be accessed through the myBCA Instant Access feature.

1. Flazz

More and more electronic money is being used to pay for parking, transportation, and payment at toll gates. That’s why Flazz can be accessed through Instant Access to easily check your balance without logging into the myBCA app, while topping up your Flazz balance still requires a PIN for verification.


Transactions using QRIS have become part of our daily lives. For easier transactions, you can access the QRIS feature on myBCA through Instant Access. You can access the QRIS feature more quickly without having to log in to myBCA.

How to Use the Instant Access Feature for Flazz

Instant Access can be used to check Flazz card balance without logging in and to top up by following these steps.

  1. Make your phone’s NFC feature is active
  2. Open the myBCA app
  3. Click on the Flazz menu on the landing screen
  4. Paste your Flazz card on the phone’s NFC part
  5. Wait for the Flazz balance information to appear
  6. To top up, click Top Up
  7. Log in to myBCA
  8. Select Source of Fund and Amount

How to Use BCA Instant Access for QRIS

Instant Access can be used for QRIS transactions without logging in by following these steps.

  1. Open the myBCA app
  2. Click the QRIS menu on the landing screen
  3. Log in to myBCA using biometrics or by entering your password 
  4. Scan the QRIS code from merchant
  5. Settle the payment

Flazz and QRIS transactions are faster and easier with the Instant Access feature on myBCA.

Many more features from myBCA that can make transactions easier, let’s download it now on the Play Store or App Store. Use myBCA and enjoy more convenient transactions!

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