19 Dec 2023 | Edukatips

How to Pay Whoosh Train Tickets via BCA Channels

Now, you can enjoy the Jakarta Bandung High-Speed Train (KCJB) Whoosh service for a more comfortable journey. The Whoosh High-Speed train is a mode of transportation that connects Jakarta and Bandung with a travel time of only 45 minutes. The stations passed by the Whoosh train are Halim, Karawang, Padalarang, and Tegalluar which operate from 06.15 until 21.16 WIB.

Not only the journey, but also the ticket purchase is easier because it can be done online and can be paid through various BCA channels. Payment using BCA can be made through:

  1.  BCA Virtual Account via BCA mobile, myBCA, KlikBCA, Sakuku, and the nearest ATM BCA
  2. QRIS via BCA mobile, myBCA, and Sakuku app

Types of Whoosh High-Speed Train Ticket Classes

The Whoosh high-speed train has 11 cars. It can carry 601 passengers in one trip. This train series has three service classes, namely First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy Class.

The difference lies in the seat types and the comfort that comes with it. Here are the classes on the Whoosh High-Speed Train.

1. First Class

This class offers a separate entrance for passengers who prioritize privacy while traveling. Suitable for those who need extra comfort and privacy.

2. Business Class

Business class cars are located at the front of the train. Suitable for those who wish to exit and enter the train early to save time.

3. Premium Economy Class

Even though this is a budget class, passengers will still get a comfortable seat with plenty of legroom. Suitable for those traveling with family and friends.

How to Buy Whoosh High-Speed Train Tickets Online

You can buy Whoosh high-speed train tickets online by visiting the official website. Here are the steps to buy the tickets online:

  • Visit ticket.kcic.co.id
  • Register if you don’t have an account
  • Log in
  • Select route, date, and time of train departure
  • Fill in the passenger’s data, class, and seat position
  • Choose payment method using BCA Virtual Account or QRIS scan via myBCA, BCA mobile, or Sakuku app
  • Make payment and e-ticket will be sent to your email

How to Buy Whoosh High-Speed Train Tickets at Vending Machines

You can also purchase Whoosh train tickets through vending machines located at the station. For this method, payment can only be made using QRIS scans. Here’s how to buy train tickets through the vending machine.

  • Go to the vending machine
  • Select route, date, and time of departure
  • Fill in the passenger’s data and choose the desire seat
  • Scan QRIS for payment using myBCA, BCA mobile, or Sakuku app
  • Your ticket will be issued from the machine

That’s how to order and pay for Whoosh High-Speed Train tickets using BCA channels. Download myBCA app on Play Store and App Store for more convenient transactions.