04 Dec 2023 | Edukatips

How to Pay for M-Paspor via BCA

A passport has become a mandatory requirement if you want to travel abroad. Now, applying for a passport is relatively easier with the M-Paspor application. Applications for regular and electronic passports can be submitted online through the application.

M-Paspor payments can also be made through various BCA e-channels, including KlikBCA or BCA ATMs. You can also come directly to the nearest BCA branch if you wish to get direct assistance from the BCA customer service officer.

To apply for a passport, customers can install the M-Paspor application first. Simply fill out all the requirements to apply for a passport directly from within the application. After completing the process, customers will receive a billing code.

This billing code will be used to make payments through BCA services. Please remember that this billing code has an expiration period so it must be paid before the code expires. Here’s how to make an M-Paspor billing code payment through BCA.

How to Pay for M-Paspor via KlikBCA

Users of BCA’s internet banking service can make payments from PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Get the KeyBCA ready to make payments through KlikBCA. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to KlikBCA, select “Pembayaran”
  2. Select “Pajak” then select the Tax type: Penerimaan Negara
  3. Enter the Billing Code, then select “Lanjutkan”
  4. Check the tax payment confirmation detail then enter the KeyBCA APPLI 1 response and click “Kirim”
  5. Payment has been successfully made
  6. Click “Cetak” to print the receipt or click “Simpan” to save payment receipt.

How to Pay for M-Paspor via KlikBCA Bisnis

You can also make M-Paspor payments via KlikBCA Bisnis. However, the payment method is slightly different. Here’s how to pay for M-Paspor via KlikBCA Bisnis.

  1. Log in to KlikBCA Bisnis, select “Pembayaran Tagihan”
  2. Select “Daftar Pembayaran”, and select “Tambah”
  3. Choose Type: Pajak & PNBP, Institution: Penerimaan Negara, and then click “Lanjut”
  4. Select “Buat Pembayaran Tagihan” and select Payment Type: Penerimaan Negara
  5. Enter the Billing Code
  6. Enter the account number to make the payment and click “Lanjut”
  7. Authorize Transaction
  8. Check Transaction Status
  9. Select the transaction date, then download the BPN and keep it as proof of payment

How to Pay for M-Paspor via ATM BCA

If you don’t have KlikBCA, you can make payments at the nearest ATM BCA. Here’s how to pay for M-Paspor via ATM BCA.

  1. Insert the ATM card into the ATM BCA machine
  2. Enter PIN
  3. Select “Transaksi Lainnya”
  4. Select “Pembayaran”
  5. Select “MPN/Pajak”
  6. Select “Penerimaan Negara”
  7. Enter the billing code, then select “Benar”
  8. Re-check the transaction details, if correct select “Ya”
  9. The transaction is successful and keep the ATM receipt as a valid proof of payment

How to Pay for M-Paspor through BCA Branch

M-Paspor payments can also be made at the nearest BCA branch. You only need to visit a BCA branch with the M-Paspor billing code. You can pay at the BCA branch using various methods, such as debit cards or cash.

As soon as the payment is made, the payment status in the M-Paspor application will be updated. You just need to follow the next steps until you get your passport and can use it to travel abroad.

While preparing to go abroad, customers can still take advantage of more services from BCA. Bring your BCA credit card abroad for easier transactions and get the chance to enjoy many attractive offers. In addition, you can still use BCA e-banking services while abroad.