23 Oct 2023 | Edukatips

More Affordable Mobile Phone Instalments with BCA Credit Card

When it comes to buying an item that is quite expensive, it definitely requires financial considerations. However, many people are reluctant to pay cash in full when purchasing products, such as gadgets.

Simply put, many people opt for buying a phone on instalments as they want to keep their monthly cash flow safe. Today, buying products on instalment is easier than ever. However, one must choose and ensure that the instalment system is safe and suitable for their finances.

Instalment System Definition and Its Benefits

If you want to buy a mobile phone using an instalment plan, you need to first understand what it means. Purchasing goods on an instalment payment system means buying a product whose payment is made in instalments or in stages. Usually, the instalment payment system must first pay a Down Payment.

This payment system can be done using a credit card. This method helps ease your finances because it does not interfere with your monthly cash flow. This way, you can adjust the payment according to your financial capabilities.

Using a credit card as a payment option has many benefits, such as discounts, cashback, and promos – new year or holiday discounts. You can use these benefits to pay for your mobile phone on instalments.

Low-Interest Instalment Program using BCA Credit Cards

Convert all BCA Credit Card transactions into Instalment transactions for better financial planning. BCA customers can get a very competitive interest rate, with instalment period can be chosen according to their needs. The Cicilan BCA feature is available and will usually be offered at stored with Cicilan BCA signage.

Enjoy the Low-Interest Cicilan BCA feature with a minimum transaction starting from Rp500,000 using a BCA credit card. You can also customize the tenor according to your needs.

It is important to consider the tenor and interest you will pay according to your needs. Of course, each person also has different preferences on how to manage their finances depending on their respective capabilities.

The application to convert credit card transactions into instalments can be done via smartphone through BCA mobile. Simply make a credit card transaction and meet the terms and conditions above, you can immediately convert the transaction into instalments. Check out how to easily convert credit card transactions into instalments here.

If you’ve got it all planned out, there’s no need to worry about buying your dream phone at your favourite store and use your BCA Credit Card by converting the transaction into instalments that suit your finances. Remember to always make payments on time according to the tenor.

Convert your BCA credit card transactions into Low-Interest instalments now. For more information, click below: