18 Aug 2023 | Edukatips

How to Redeem Reward BCA to Blibli Tiket Points

Spending a vacation with your family at your favorite tourist destination or buying a dream item may be some of the things you want to fulfill. One way to make it happen is by utilizing Reward BCA, which can be redeemed for Blibli Tiket Points.

Blibli Tiket Points can be used to get discounts when purchasing flight tickets and booking hotels and other lodging at Tiket.com. Furthermore, you can also use BliBli Tiket Points to buy tickets for family favorite events or attractions. This is suitable for customers who want to take a vacation with their family on a lower budget.

Not only for vacations, customers can also use Blibli Tiket Points to buy various items or daily needs through Blibli. Let’s find out how to get Reward BCA and how to redeem them to Blibli Tiket Points.

How to Get Reward BCA

To obtain Reward BCA, customers only need to increase transactions using BCA Credit Cards. However, some BCA Credit Cards are not eligible to earn Reward BCA, such as BCA Singapore Airlines, Visa Corporate, Smartcash, BCA Mastercard Tiket.com, and BCA Mastercard Blibli credit cards.

The minimum redemption of Blibli Tiket Points is 10,000 Reward BCA. For every 1,000 Reward BCA, customers will get 1,000 Blibli Tiket Points, or the equivalent of Rp1,000. These Blibli Tiket Points can later be used as a payment method for purchasing various products at Tiket.com or Blibli.

Blibli Tiket Points that have been redeemed have a validity period of one year calculated from the date of redemption. Then, how do you redeem Reward BCA for Blibli Tiket Points?

How to Redeem Points

Customers can apply to redeem Reward BCA for Blibli Tiket Points by contacting Halo BCA 1500888 or call via haloBCA app. Only the cardholder is eligible to apply and cannot be represented.

Cardholders also need to have the tiket.com or Blibli app on their smartphone by downloading it from Play Store and App Store. Customers who apply for Reward BCA redemption must also have a Tiket.com or Blibli to receive Blibli Tiket Points.

Once Blibli Tiket Points are received, customers can immediately use them to shop, book airplane tickets, trains, hotel booking, event tickets, attractions, playgrounds, and many more. Blibli Tiket Points can be used upon selecting a payment method and will be used to deduct directly from the total transaction.

The greater the Bibli Tiket Points value you have, the bigger the discount you can get. For more information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888.

Apart from that, there is currently a promotion for exchanging BCA Rewards for Blibli Tiket Points, for complete information, click the button below: