21 Jul 2023 | Edukatips

5 Short Getaway Ideas You Can Do on the Weekend

A short getaway is an ideal option to enjoy having some fun with friends or family over the weekend. Look for attractive places that offer new experiences.

When it comes to vacations, many people immediately think of trips to tourist destinations that last more than five days. Fewer people consider going on a short getaway or a brief vacation over the weekend.

However, a short getaway can be done spontaneously, even without prior planning. There's no need to stay overnight; just one full day is enough. The location doesn't have to be far; it can be within the city.

This "momentary escape" activity becomes even more enjoyable when done with a partner, family, or friends. This short vacation truly allows us to momentarily forget the daily routines that make us tired. Let's start looking for interesting ideas for a short getaway on the weekend.

The advantage of a short getaway is that it doesn't require a big budget. That's why we can go on these short vacations more frequently. So, here are some short getaway ideas for this weekend:

1. Culinary tour around the city

Now is the time to go on a culinary adventure with family or friends. We can start this culinary journey in the morning by trying delicious breakfast options. Explore all kinds of eating places, from local eateries, street food stalls, food courts, to restaurants. But remember, don't eat too much at one place to avoid overeating. Also, the culinary tour can continue until midnight, as some eateries only open at night!

2. Stay one or two nights in a hotel or villa

Find nearby accommodations that offer plenty of exciting facilities. Then, invite friends, partners, or family to stay there for a day or two. This short getaway idea is perfect for those who are busy with their daily work. During the stay, engage in fun activities with your loved ones. Choose a place with a swimming pool, playground, or relaxation areas. This way, the short vacation will be enjoyable and recharge your energy!

3. Visit natural attractions

Select natural attractions that we can visit, such as mountains or beaches, for example. Start the journey in the morning to have ample time to enjoy the tourist spots. While exploring, don't forget to try delicious local food nearby; you might discover some tasty culinary delights that are easy on the wallet.

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