27 Jun 2023 | Edukatips

Pay Credit Card Bills on myBCA

Now, you can pay your credit card bills via myBCA. Here’s how you can do it:

Paying Credit Card Bills via myBCA

  1. Login to myBCA

  2. Select “Kartu Kredit” on the “Bayar & Isi Ulang” menu

  3. Select the Bank Credit Card you have

  4. Select fund source and enter credit card number

  5. Enter the payment amount according to the bill, then click “Lanjut”

  6. Check the credit card billing data. If it is correct, click “Bayar”

  7. Enter myBCA PIN

  8. Credit card bill payment is successful

Easy, isn’t it? You can now pay your credit card bills anytime via myBCA. Say goodbye to late payments. Meet all your needs and make any credit card transactions smoothly now.

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