29 May 2023 | Edukatips

Saving via Investment to Buy Concert Tickets? Yes, You Can Do It

Attending a concert is great fun and something that might be on your wishlist this year. However, have you got the money to buy the tickets? Since the ticket price is quite expensive, one should have a special strategy to purchase the concert tickets you want without hurting your finances. While saving money may be a viable option, saving money through investments such as Money Market Funds will certainly be more profitable.

A Money Market Fund is the best option that you can do for various short-term needs, such as buying concert tickets.

Benefits of Money Market Fund Investment:

  1. Low-Risk
    Money market instruments have relatively low risk compared to other capital market products with relatively low volatility. They are suitable for short-term investment.
  2. Potential Return on Investment Value
  3. Not a Tax Object
    Resale proceeds and profits from Mutual Fund Investments are not taxable.
  4. Affordable
    Investment in mutual funds can start as low as IDR 10,000.

You must be consistent in investing in order to maximize your investment. Through myBCA app, you can use the auto-subscription feature for the Mutual Fund Investment product of your choice.

How to invest in Money Market Funds at myBCA:

  1. Log in to myBCA, click the “Welmamenu
  2. Select Reksa Dana and select Mutual Funds products according to your needs. If confused, use the “Bandingkan” feature
  3. Select “Rekening Sumber Dana” (fund source account) and enter the purchase amount
  4. To activate the periodic purchase feature, check the “Berkala” box and select which date you want to make periodic purchases. Don’t forget to choose the term, adjust it to your needs.
  5. Make sure the transaction is correct, read and check the statement then select Lanjut”
  6. Enter the PIN, and the transaction is complete.

Save up for your dream concert tickets by investing through the myBCA app. Enjoy various promo via Welma feature on myBCA.

Don’t have the myBCA app yet? Download now, go to bca.co.id/mybca, or contact HaloBCA at 1500888 ext. 4.