17 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

How to Redeem Bonds & SBN Early on myBCA

Bond and Government Securities (SBNI coupon holders can withdraw their investment funds early by using the early redemption facility on myBCA. This allows the funds to be used for other needs or allocated to other investments.

Are you also interested in bonds and SBN investment? Learn the details below as well as how to make early redemptions through myBCA.

How to Make Early Redemption via myBCA

You can make early redemption via myBCA in the following ways:

  1. Log in to myBCA and select the “Akun Saya” menu
  2. Select “Obligasi & SBN” in the Welma portfolio
  3. Select “Redeem” on the SBN product to make Early Redemption
  4. Enter the amount to redeem, read and agree to the Online Retail SBN Early Redemption Terms, and then select “Lanjut”
  5. Check the Early Redemption details, click “Lanjut” and enter your PIN
  6. Fund disbursement is successful

Terms of Early Redemption

All holders of government bond investment products can enjoy this facility. Here are the requirements for early redemption:

  • ST or SBR ownership >= 2 million
  • Maximum disbursement of 50% of total ownership, minimum disbursement of 50% of the ownership, minimum disbursement of Rp 1 million and its multiples
  • Early Redemption is done online via myBCA 
  • Early Redemption is done according to the period based on product provisions.

That’s how to make early redemption via myBCA. Now it is easy to invest and transact in one application.