09 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

Halo BCA Chat Feature on BCA Website, the Easy Way to Inquire About Banking Products, Services, or Scams

Do you have questions or advice about banking products, services, or modes of fraud? You can ask directly about it via the Halo BCA Chat feature on bca.co.id.

Using the BCA web chat feature is easy. You only need to fill in your name, email address, phone number, and what products/services you want to ask about, and then you can directly connect with the CCO (Contact Center Officer) for a live chat with BCA.

What is Halo BCA Chat?

Halo BCA chat is a web chat feature/application that customers can use to submit questions, feedback or any other matter related to non-financial products/services from BCA.

For its use, customers can chat live with BCA for 24 hours! So, whenever you have a question, our CCO is ready to provide detailed answers.

As explained earlier, customers must fill in their name, email address, phone number and product/service options they wish to inquire about.

However, please remember that you should not provide confidential personal data during your chat with BCA, such as Personal Identification Number (PIN), One Time Password (OTP), etc.

This pertains to the security of your banking account. As such, you must be careful and keep your data safe.

So, get the most out of Halo BCA live chat now to get detailed information about BCA’s products/services and report any fraud!