03 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

Apartments vs Houses, Factors to Consider Before Buying!

Are you looking for a place to live? Should you live in an house or an apartment? What are the factors to consider? Some people see a house more as an investment, while others see it as an asset and a liability. Whether it’s an apartment or a house, both have their own merits.

The needs and purpose of a person will fundamentally influence his/her decision in choosing an apartment or a house. Check out some of these key points to consider when deciding whether to buy an apartment or a house?

Apartments vs Houses, Which One?

Important factors affecting the decision whether to buy a house or an apartment include prices, location, and the legality of building objects. Below is the explanation of these factors in detail.

1. Purchase Price

Are apartments more expensive than houses? In general, the purchase price of an apartment in the city tends to be more expensive compared to a landed house in the suburb. As an estimate, for a studio apartment with an area of 18-20 m2, you need to spend at least Rp400 million. If you want a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment with a living area starting from 85m2, it can be bought at a cost of up to Rp1 billion.

As with apartments that come in different unit types, landed houses also come in several types according to the size of the land and building area. For example, a house in Sawangan, Depok, with a land area of 60 m2  and a building area of 42 m2 with two bedrooms is sold at a starting price of Rp450 million. Another example, a house in Parung with a land area of 170 m2 and a building area of 104 m2 is sold at a starting price of Rp790 million.

2. Right of Ownership

Generally, buyers will get a Land Ownership Title (SHM) when buying a landed house. SHM is a proof with the strongest legal power of ownership over a land with no expiration date. For apartment purchases, buyers will get a Certificate of Apartment Ownership (SHMSRS). This certificate is a proof of ownership of one apartment unit only and does not include other facilities within the scope of the entire building. In addition, referring to Act No. 5 of 1960 concerning Basic Regulations on Agrarian Principles on Building Rights Title (HGB) for apartments, the maximum period is limited to 30 years. The period of time can be extended by a period of no longer than 20 years.

3. Neighbourhood and Support Facilities

House locations are widespread, from urban centres to countryside, from gated compounds to more mixed residential neighbourhoods. As a result, residents can have the opportunity to have more open social interactions 

Unlike the landed house, apartments offer a more homogenous neighbourhood. It is more suitable for individuals who prioritize privacy. Even so, it is indispensable for apartment amenities to be shared by all residents such as swimming pools, gardens, and sports centres.

4. Maintenance and Renovation Costs

Apartments are the ideal choice for individuals who lead a convenient lifestyle. If you want to decorate or renovate the unit, the choices and process are not as tedious as the process of renovating a landed house. The same goes for the maintenance and renovation costs. A landed house will absorb greater costs for maintenance or a renovation due to its greater building size.

5. Security

Security is an essential factor in finding a place for living. Apartments or gated compounds have an equally good security system. Both are equipped with security guards and CCTV cameras. However, these two things have differences in terms of access.

In an apartment, visitors who are not residents must have separate access to enter the residence. Meanwhile, guests and other visitors only need to produce identification in a gated compound. In some housing compounds, visitors must also declare their purpose of visit and who they are visiting.

It requires a lot of consideration when deciding to buy a house or an apartment. The ideal choice is the one that suits your primary needs in finding such a place. Personal preferences such as facilities and location are important and difficult to compromise. Another thing would be the funds to buy the apartment unit or house.

Actually, regardless the choice, both will be equally good. Simply adjust them to your needs and comfort. If you choose a landed house, take advantage of KPR BCA products.

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