10 Feb 2023 | Edukatips

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special One!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is the perfect moment to celebrate love with your special one. To show love this Valentine’s Day, you can spend time together and give memorable gifts.

A romantic gift on Valentine’s Day this year might just be the gift you’ve been waiting for. Let’s check out gift ideas to celebrate this special day of love for couples.

Types of Valentine’s Gifts

Before choosing Valentine’s gift for your partner, you should pay attention to the gift they want. You must first know the types.

- Creative Gifts

If your significant other is someone who prefers handmade gifts, you can make a custom gift of your choice. Examples of these gifts include a scrapbook of your relationship journey or making his/her favorite cake.

- Based on the Request

The next type is a gift that your partner wants. These gifts can vary according to what they desire at the moment. You can directly ask them or pay attention to the hints they’re sending.

- Useful Romantic Gifts

Choosing Valentine’s gifts according to your needs can also be a romantic way to show affection to your partner. These gifts can be identified based on your partner’s occupation or hobbies. Well, surely your partner will appreciate the gifts as a form of support for their work or hobbies.

Recommendations for Valentine’s Day

In addition to paying attention to the appropriate gift, we also need to think about something that is not boring as a gift. Chocolates and flowers are too common. Check out these anti-mainstream Valentine’s gift ideas for couples below.

1. Gift Bouquet

Unlike the usual flower bouquet, a gift bouquet can contain anything you want to give to your partner. Customize it with things that your partner likes, for example, their favorite food or even money. Then, decorate the bouquet beautifully to make it look more romantic as a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

2. Event or Attraction Tickets

You can show love by spending time together. Try to do new activities such as attending events or concerts or visiting an attraction. New experiences with your partner will make your Valentine’s Day even more special. Moreover, now event or attraction ticket purchases can be made through the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile. For more information, you can see it here.

3. Planting Kit

Another anti-mainstream gift for couples on Valentine’s Day is a planting kit. Planting kits are planting media for growing fruits or vegetables. This gift can be used as an alternative gift that is environmentally friendly. Apart from that, planting kits can be the start of a new hobby to do with your partner.

4. Tahaka BCA

We also need to think about the future of our loved ones. You can give Tahapan Berjangka BCA as a Valentine’s gift. It is different, indeed, but it can be a form of showing commitment. Not only can it be made online via KlikBCA, but the Tahapan Berjangka BCA also offers many benefits for its users. Plan your future with Tahapan Berjangka BCA!

5. Voucher

The last Valentine’s gift idea is vouchers. An example of a practical voucher is a shopping voucher so your partner can decide for themselves the gift they want. It can be a dining voucher, a shopping voucher at favorite merchants or e-commerce, or a voucher for beauty treatments. You can buy these vouchers via the Voucher Belanja menu on the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile!

That sums up the ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for your special one. Make sure to choose your best romantic gift!