06 Feb 2023 | Edukatips

Buy a House with Fix Berjenjang Interest up to 20 Years

Have you found your dream house? It is time to realize it now.

For those looking for a house, here are the things to consider:

  1. Choose a trustworthy seller, you can also be assisted by a property agent or buy a house through a developer whose collaborating with BCA 
  2. Find a location close to your workplace or ensure adequate access to public transportation
  3. Pay attention to building materials and lighting
  4. Pay attention to the facilities and the neighbourhood
  5. Adjust the budget according to needs
  6. Also, make sure you choose a payment method that suits your financial capabilities

If you have found the perfect home, now is the perfect time to make it happen with KPR BCA. 

In conjunction with BCA’s 66th anniversary, there are low interest rate promos starting from 2.66% eff.p.a. and a variety of other interest rate options that can be tailored to your needs.

KPR BCA always provides innovations and breakthroughs to realize dream homes, including the KPR Fix Berjenjang Interest up to 20 years with interest of:

  • 2.66% eff.p.a for the 1st year
  • 5.26% eff.p.a for the 2nd to 3rd year 
  • 7.56% eff.p.a for the 4th to 6th year 
  • 9.56% eff.p.a for the 7th to 20th year

Not only that, there is also a 10% life insurance discount benefit offered from 1st February until March 26th, 2023. 

Don’t miss out on the KPR BCA interest promo starting from 2.66% eff.p.a and other benefits you can get! Wait no more! Apply here