28 Dec 2022 | Edukatips

Tips for Safely Using BCA Debit Cards Abroad

Christmas and New Year’s Holidays are a perfect time for a vacation abroad.

BCA customers do not need to worry about running out of cash abroad. BCA Debit Mastercard holders can make cash withdrawals at all ATMs and EDC machines with the Mastercard logo.

For a comfortable vacation and safe transactions abroad, let’s take a look at some safety tips.

Tips for Safe Holidays Abroad

  1. Always keep your data private, especially your BCA Debit PIN.
  2. Keep the card in a safe place out of reach of irresponsible parties.
  3. Attention: in some countries, debit card transactions can be made without PIN or signature.
  4. If you lose your BCA Debit card, remain calm and don’t panic. Immediately deactivate your BCA Debit card via BCA mobile and myBCA (mobile apps and website). How to do it:
  • Open BCA mobile, click ‘Akun Saya’ on the right corner
  • Select the ‘Kontrol’ menu
  • Deactivate by toggling off all types of transactions (domestic, international, debit online)
  • Click OK and enter your m-BCA PIN, done.

By disabling all transactions, your BCA Debit card can no longer be used by others. But don’t worry, you can still use BCA mobile.

Check the tutorial video here.

haloBCA Application

do not forget to install the haloBCA app on your smartphone. If you need assistance with transactions while abroad, contact BCA immediately via haloBCA app.

Calls via the haloBCA app do not require phone credit, but use internet quota. Download the haloBCA app via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Those are some safe tips for a safe vacation abroad using a BCA Debit card. We hope you find them useful. We wish you a happy and safe holiday.