15 Dec 2022 | Edukatips

Tips for Withdrawing Cash at ATMs Abroad

Cash withdrawals abroad can be made at specified ATMs. Here are tips for withdrawing cash at ATMs abroad.

It is recommended to carry a sufficient amount of cash when travelling abroad. However, there is no need to worry if you run out of cash and need to get it immediately. Holders of BCA Debit Mastercard and BCA Credit Cards with Mastercard and Visa logos can make cash withdrawals in destination country.

The amount of the charge will immediately appear on the ATM screen, billed to the owner’s account/credit card. The exchange rates are also fairly competitive.

Before making a cash withdrawal, there are a number of things to consider. Find out the tips on how to safely withdraw cash at ATMs abroad below:

1. Use an ATM that accepts multiple card types

Look for ATMs that have the Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, or Visa logo to withdraw cash using BCA cards. BCA Debit or Credit Mastercard holders can withdraw cash at ATMs with the Mastercard, Maestro or Cirrus logo. Visa Credit Card holders can withdraw cash at ATMs with the VISA logo. 

2. Look for ATMs downtown

For security issues, choose an ATM located in public spaces. For example, shopping centers, convenient stores, or ATMs in bank branches. Also, avoid withdrawing cash at night when it’s quiet outside.

3. Check the Rupiah exchange rate

Stay up-to-date on what the current rate is can be your reference before withdrawing cash. Try finding out the Rupiah exchange rate against the currency of the country you are in. For your information, exchange rates can change quickly in a day. In addition, use the exchange rate offer from BCA to get a more competitive exchange rate.

4. Ensure sufficient balance

Before leaving abroad, check your account balance or credit card limit. Checking the balance or credit card limit can be done through BCA mobile on the m-Info menu.

5. Withdraw as needed

Carrying too much cash abroad might lead to unnecessary spending. This will also swell the budget you have set for the holiday abroad. That’s why, try to recalculate the amount of money to withdraw from the ATM and make sure the amount is based on needs.

After knowing the tips above, you can now withdraw cash abroad more safely and comfortably. To withdraw cash via ATM abroad, click the button below.