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Verification Process on First Login to BCA mobile

BCA mobile helps make individual banking transactions more convenient.

To improve customer security and comfort to ensure smooth transactions, BCA mobile security features are also continuously updated. One is through the Biometric Verification process when users first time login to BCA mobile. Biometric Verification is used to verify the identity of BCA customers through a photo of their ID Card and of themselves on first-time m-BCA login on their smartphone.

Who needs to do Biometric Verification?

The verification process is done once for every BCA mobile login on a new device. Customers who need to perform Biometric Verification on BCA mobile are as follows

  1. Customers who download and/or log in to m-BCA for the first time on BCA mobile.
  2. Customers who have previously logged in to BCA mobile, but then change to a new device, and this is the first time logging in to m-BCA on the new device.

Biometric Verification is not needed for customers who have already logged in to BCA mobile, then deleted and re-downloaded the app on the same device, when logging back into BCA mobile.

Biometric Verification Steps

Let’s take a look at these steps to know how to verify BCA mobile biometrics.

  1. Go to m-BCA menu in the BCA mobile app
  2. Enter the 16-digit ATM card number
  3. Send a confirmation SMS
  4. Enter/Create BCA mobile access code, and then click “Lanjut”
  5. Click “Lanjut” once more for verification process
  6. Take a photo of your ID card and fill in the ID number, then click "Lanjut"
  7. Complete your ID card data, then click "Lanjut"
  8. Click "Mulai Mengambil Gambar" for biometric verification process
  9. Face the camera, follow the instructions and wait for the shooting process to complete. Make sure your face is not covered by any accessories and the image is clearly visible (not in a low-light place).
  10. Click "Lanjut" to complete the verification process
  11. Verification is successful, click "Lanjut" to enter the OTP code
  12. Enter the OTP code sent via SMS
  13. Verification process is complete and BCA mobile is now ready to use!

This biometric verification process makes your transactions on BCA mobile more secure. It protects your transaction and meets all your needs.

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