02 Nov 2022 | Edukatips

QRku Transfer is Terminated, Use QRIS on BCA mobile for Transactions

As of 1 November 2022, the  QRku transfer feature on BCA mobile has been terminated. However, you can still perform fund transfers through the m-Transfer service on BCA mobile and BCA Keyboard.

QRku Transfer is a feature for fund transfers between BCA accounts by scanning the QR code found on BCA mobile. QRku transfer and QRIS on BCA mobile are features that allow for easier banking transactions. Both employ the same transaction method by scanning a QR code. However, the functions of these features are different.

QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) is a payment method by scanning a national QR code standard. Paying transactions using the QRIS feature can be done by scanning a national QR code standard.

QRIS payments are available at almost all stores, merchants, stalls, parking meters, tickets, donation, and many other places that accept QRIS payments. Simply use the QRIS feature on BCA mobile to settle payment.

Besides fund transfers, there are many services and features on BCA mobile that ensure ease and convenience of transactions. From cardless cash withdrawals and deposits through the Cardless feature, to Online Debit and Lifestyle to meet various daily and lifestyle needs. Opening a new BCA account now #DiBikinSimpel via BCA mobile.

Check full information about BCA mobile here.