10 Oct 2022 | Edukatips

Easy Ways to Save Electricity at Home

Saving electricity is a thing that should be done by everyone. There are many benefits to enjoy by minimizing energy use, including conserving the earth by reducing electricity use.

Furthermore, you can also reduce monthly electricity costs by saving energy. That way, you can use the resources to meet other needs.

Reasons to Save Electricity

Electricity plays a huge part in people’s lives as it has many uses in our life. However, many of us waste energy without realizing it. Here are the most important reasons for reducing energy consumption. 

1. Cost-Efficient

Electricity is not free. Users must pay electricity bills according to their usage every month. The more energy used, the higher the costs incurred. By saving energy, the money can be saved or allocated save for more useful expenses, such as education funds, future investments, social needs – alms, etc. that’s why saving energy has become essential for people to know.

2. Non-Renewable Resources

To date, coals still play a vital role in electricity generation. Keep in mind that coal is a non-renewable resource. It takes millions of years to produce this resource. Therefore, saving energy is one way to save the supply as well.

3. Nature Conservation

Fossil fuel, such as coal, releases carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment. The higher the coal consumption, the higher the CO2 emissions that can damage the earth’s atmosphere. 

Excessive use of electricity can result in global warming, which, at any time, can threaten human life. That’s why saving energy is not only about saving money, but also about preserving nature.

4. Electricity Rates Continue to Rise

When a generator is forced to generate more electricity than its capacity due to excessive wasting of energy, the performance of the power plants will decline faster. If wasteful use continues, the maintenance will significantly cost more, increasing the tariffs. Damage to the power plants may also result in frequent power outages, causing big losses, both for the state and the people.

How to Save Electricity at Home

It is actually easy to save energy. Start with small things that consume more energy without you realizing it. The steps to save electricity that you can take are as follows:

1. Use Lights Sparingly

Many think that lights should always be on at night when actually it doesn’t have to. Use lights sparingly. For example, only turn on the lights in the room you’re in. If you leave the room, turn off the lights. Furthermore, use a dim light that consumes less energy for bedroom lighting.

2. Turn Off All Unused Electrical Devices

This method has been proven to be effective for saving and reducing electricity bills. Turn off all unused electrical devices in the house consistently. Unplug all devices when not in use, such as phone chargers, laptops, etc.

3. Use an AC Efficiently

Instead of using an AC during the day, maximize the use of ventilation or windows. Ventilation allows for the room to breathe so it doesn’t become humid. If it is still hot, try using a fan with less energy consumption.

4. Minimize Dispenser Usage

Water heaters and dispensers are indeed convenient. However, they consume more energy. You should reconsider the use of a water dispenser, especially if it’s only for a cup of coffee. Boiling water is more cost-efficient when it comes to making a cup of coffee. If you need cold water, store water bottles in the fridge. This way, you don’t need additional electronic devices.

5. Limiting the Use of High-Power Electronics

It is recommended to replace high-power electronic devices with lower ones. Many high-tech devices are more efficient, such as LED TVs and LED lights, refrigerators, washing machines, energy-efficient ACs, and many more. If you don’t have the resources to make the replacement, make it into your habit to control the use of these devices. Limit the time and size if necessary. For example, setting a timer on the AC, using the washing machine twice a week, setting the refrigerator at a low level, and so on. 

That sums up the easiest ways to save electricity at home. If you do this consistently, your electricity bill will become more affordable. Furthermore, you can pay electricity bills more easily through various BCA e-channels, such as BCA mobile, KlikBCA, or ATM BCA. Click here