19 Sep 2022 | Edukatips

5 Tips to Carry On Day-to-Day Activities during Pandemic

Over time, people began to start doing outdoor activities and learn to coexist with the pandemic. As mobility increases, public spaces have started to get huge amounts of traffic. Even so, it is a good idea to follow strict protocols while doing daily activities. Always wear a mask and wash your hands regularly. Furthermore, do useful activities that are beneficial to your health.

Check out the tips to carry on daily outdoors during the pandemic:

1. Avoid Overcrowded Spaces

Some public places are overloaded, including shopping malls, cafes, and other leisure spots. Go to less-crowded places for your comfort.

You can also invite a friend or family over for lunch or dinner. This option is more convenient, more at ease, and not pressured by time. You can have more food choices as well, whether you cook or order them online.

2. Always Bring Personal Equipment

The pandemic has shaped us to take better care of ourselves. One of the most basic things we can do is to bring our stuff when traveling. This stuff may include cutleries, drinking bottles, cleaning tools, and worship equipment.

By doing this, you’re minimizing using shared items when in public spaces. None knows for a fact how clean those items are, especially cutlery.

3. Obey Health Protocols Over a Long Journey

Many of us take a cross-country vacation or even abroad. PCR or antigen tests are no longer required by passengers when boarding some public transportation. We are allowed to travel by taking a vaccine jab three times.

However, don’t let your guard down. It is highly recommended not to travel long distances during peak season. Keep your mask on throughout the trip and take it off only when eating or drinking.

You also need to bring spare masks to replace the ones you’ve been wearing for too long. Don’t forget to keep in a clean and hygienic compartment.

4. Clean Yourself When You Get Home

Taking a shower and changing clothes are recommended after going out. It can help prevent the spread of the virus from the clothes you wear. Make sure to shower and bathe properly.

It’s also recommended not to touch anything at home before cleansing yourself. Don’t forget to wash the clothes you wore outside.

5. Transact Online

As mobility increases, so do direct transactions at small shop, minimarkets, and offline merchants. You could say that shopping offline is easier because you can directly choose the items you want. However, it is better to settle the payment using online payment tools to reduce virus spread.

Some minimarkets accommodate QR payments. It minimizes payments using physical money. In addition, digital payments are also more convenient because you can pay the exact payable amount. That way, no more hassle of getting a change.

Take advantage of the BCA mobile app to carry out online transactions with ease. You can also try the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile that offers various services to meet your daily needs, from daily shopping, booking flight tickets, train tickets, buying streaming vouchers, movie tickets, and many more.

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