19 Sep 2022 | Edukatips

6 Promising Online Business Ideas

Nowadays, online businesses are witnessing a huge surge. The rapid development of technology plays a major role in creating greater opportunities in online businesses. However, it also saw ample evidence of fierce business competition.

Anyone can open a business and actively market in the digital world. To get around this, aspiring businesses should know in advance what business models are the most promising. After that, they can make preparations to ensure the business they run can grow and is profitable.

The Most Promising Online Business Opportunities

There are many online business models to try. The capital you need also vary depending on the model. Here are some online business ideas to consider.

1. Online Training or Tutoring

The first business for you to try is online training. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that learning doesn’t always have to be face-to-face and can be as effective despite it being done virtually.

Many online learning platforms were opened up, but some sectors, such as private courses, are still in high demand. This can be used as an opportunity to get a monthly income. The capital required to start this business is rather small. You can start online training or tutoring with only a laptop and an active internet plan.

2. Freelance Writer or Graphic Designer

Writing and design skills are also useful tools for business. In the digital era, the demand for these two skills soaring, potentially generating profits. You don’t even need a large capital to get started. It’s enough with a device compatible with writing or design and an internet plan.

3. Jasa Titip (Shopping Entrusted Goods Service – Personal Shopper)

Nearly everyone sells their products online. This is considered more convenient and can reach buyers across the country. Likewise with the shopping entrusted goods service or popularly known as jastip. This online business is one of the promising business models.

Consumers who live in remote places where it’s hard to get their hands on certain goods use jastip to buy the products they want. Generally, jastip services include the purchase of food, beverages, fashion items, etc.

Why is jastip profitable? It is because they don’t need to have a store to sell their products. This business model only requires capital to buy goods that consumers want. The higher the goods price, the larger the capital required.

4. Drop shipper

Another online business opportunity idea is being a drop shipper. It can be a promising business opportunity. The capital is relatively small because you only need a cell phone or a laptop with an active internet connection. 

This business type is fairly practical. Besides being able to do it from home, drop shippers also don’t need to make, prepare, and send the products. They only advertise and sell. The sellers or suppliers will then send the sold items to consumers. Drop shippers can sell, among others, beauty products such as makeup and skincare or fashion products such as bags, clothes, and shoes.

5. F&B

Selling food and drinks online is also promising. When it comes to eating, many order food online.

If you have skills in cooking, you might want to try to earn income from it. It has become increasingly easier for F&B businesses as they are supported by online transportation services that deliver customer orders. In terms of capital, you can adjust it to your capability and the type of foods and drinks you sell.

6. Game Broadcasting

If you like playing games, it can be a good business opportunity because the profit is quite promising. In recent years, more and more people have become interested in gaming. No wonder we see a surge of gamers broadcasting their gameplay live on a platform like YouTube or Facebook.

Game streaming usually attracts a lot of viewers. But, you might need a larger capital. The price of gaming devices and accessories is relatively expensive.

Things to Prepare Before Starting an Online Business

Before starting an online business, there are several things that you need to prepare, including:

1. Capital

One of the main and first things to prepare before starting an online business is capital. Capital is needed to purchase and manage all business purposes, from a place of business, equipment, and raw material, to marketing. That’s why it requires a plan to determine how much capital is needed for the business.

2. Mental Readiness

Not only capital, but you also need to be mentally ready. Starting a business comes with risks and consequences. Not to mention if it doesn’t go the way you want and plan. Various risks can happen at any time. Besides being mentally prepared, you also need to have contingency plans if the main plan doesn’t go as expected.

3. Find Out What the Market Needs

This is also an important thing to do. An aspiring businessperson needs to find out or do market research to determine what is the trend in the market. That way, you can market products or services that are in tune with what people need and want. Businesses must also have signature products that separate them from the rest.

4. Supplier Selection

Once you have determined what goods or services to sell, you have to find suppliers that meet your budget and capital. It may be advisable to find a supplier on a recommendation of a friend to avoid unwanted things to take place in the future.

5. Choose A Business Name

The name of your business can be associated with the products or services you’re selling. Find a name that’s easy to remember and catchy. A unique store name is easy to remember.

6. Marketing Strategy

You must prepare the right marketing strategy even for an online business. Luckily, you can choose many ads online. Not only that, but you can also attract customers with various attractive promos such as free shipping, discounts on every purchase, and a cash-back program.

There are many online business opportunities to try. However, you need to analyze to determine which business is profitable or not. Furthermore, you also need to adjust the capital according to the business you plan to run. So, be thorough in determining an online business model.

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