27 Jul 2022 | Edukatips

Let’s Learn, How to Do Family Financial Planning!

To make family financial planning successful, you must compile and specify detailed family finances for each period. There are many examples of family financial planning tables for you to learn.

It is necessary to know and study the family financial table, be it for a big family with many children, or a small one with only 1 or 2 children, as well as newlyweds. That way, family members can control their finances through careful financial planning.

Family Financial Income Table

The first thing you need to do is to create an income table per specified period. Usually, the financial planning table is valid for one month. Then, you can start by listing all income sources for one month.

The table below is an example of a financial planning table for a family with two children, who are of school age, working spouses, and an additional income from a joint business with a friend.

Source of Income


Husband’s Salary

Rp10 million

Wife’s Salary

Rp7 million

Joint Business

Rp5 million

Total Income

Rp22 million

Family Financial Expenditure Table

Furthermore, you can plan your family’s expenses for one month. Below is an example of family financial expenses table from the same family profile as seen in the previous table.

Needs or Expenses



Rp3 million

Car Loan

Rp2.5 million

Tuition Fees (2 Children)

Rp1.5 million

Grocery Purchases

Rp1 million

Household Goods

Rp600 thousand

RT Fees (Security and Trash Collection)

Rp100 thousand

Electricity Bill

Rp700 thousand

Water Bill

Rp440 thousand

Phone Credit

Rp400 thousand

Transport Costs

Rp400 thousand

Stipend for 2 Children

Rp560 thousand

Family Entertainment

Rp2 million

Husband’s Entertainment

Rp1 million

Wife’s Entertainment

Rp1 million

Emergency Fund

Rp1 million

Total Expenditure

Rp16.2 million

You need to make an expenditure budget for your lifestyle or entertainment to estimate how much money to allocate. Usually, the husband/wife’s entertainment costs refer to the expenses spent to cater to the husband or wife’s needs or hobby.

Meanwhile, family entertainment costs include family activities such as eating out, going to the movie, family outings, and vacations.

Household Finance Simulation

After breaking down the income and expenses in detail, you will know how much is your net income every month.

Total Income

Rp22 million

Total Expenditure

Rp16,2 million

Net Income

Rp5,8 million

Once you learn how much is your monthly net income, you can put it in savings, investments, or insurance for family protection. Allocating monthly net income can be beneficial in the long run.

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