15 Aug 2022 | Edukatips

Optimize Corporate Business Performance with API BCA Integration

With the current accelerated growth of digitalisation, the needs for faster and more accurate business transaction services also increase. One of them is business transaction automation to make balance checking, account statement checking, transaction reconciliation, and other business transactions easier.

Therefore, BCA provides Application Programming Interface or API BCA for an easier business application integration with BCA customer services, to make business transactions and operations easier, faster, and safer.

Benefits of API BCA

With API BCA, customers can enjoy:

  • Faster and more efficient banking transaction
  • Various features to help fulfilling varying business transaction needs
  • Easier and faster integration

API BCA Features

Some API BCA features, include:

  • Balance checking and account statement
  • Transfer to BCA account and other banks
  • Virtual Account

and many other features. Go to developer.bca.co.id for a more comprehensive list of API BCA features.

API BCA follows The National Open API Payment Standard (Standar Nasional Open API Pembayaran or SNAP).


Optimise your business transaction now with API BCA.

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